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5 Fun Dental Social Media Posts That Find Patients Through Giving

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Fun Dental Social Media Posts That Find Patients Through Giving

IS YOUR PRACTICE BECOMING a giving practice? Dental social media marketing isn’t just about dental marketing. Your practice’s social media marketing campaigns provide a systematic, purposeful, easy way to not only find new dental patients,  better connect with your patients, but to also make the world a better place.

Thinking different about marketing your dental practice means putting other people first. Below we’ve listed fun dental social media posts that have worked for years. These ideas have a giving back function, which we’ve found dramatically increases reach. Try some of these out and see how well it increases your  followers and engagement on your social media posts.

Giveaways and Contests Are A Great Way To Give Back

There’s one thing that none of us can resist: an easy chance to win a great prize. So, if you’re tired of doing the same old dental marketing things and want to try a new dental social media post, integrating a few little giveaways into your social media campaign is the ideal way to get some engagement!

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money on prizes. You’ll get comparable outcomes with a $20 prize as you would with a $50 one. Many of our client practices give out a little consolation prize every week — sometimes known as “Win It Wednesday” — and merely spend around $100 per month on gifts.

Offer small rewards to your patients and get creative about how they can enter to win. Promotions and contests allow patients and followers a good incentive to keep up with your social media sites and share your dental practice with family and friends.

Our Practice of the Month winners offer some of the greatest dental office Facebook contest ideas. Fun dental social media posts can be about going back to school. Here is a back to school contest idea that has worked for thousands of dental practices.

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As you create your social media mix, include Facebook and Instagram contest ideas. Be sure to ask people to Like, share, or comment and offer them a compelling incentive to participate. Getting frequent interaction will guarantee that your practice’s name shows up in the news feeds of your patients, followers, and suitable potential patients.

Show Some Patient Appreciation

Most dentists have an automated email or text message system in place to notify patients of their appointments several days before. While they are effective reminders, these communications may be improved with a personal touch.

Send a subsequent message to your patients informing them that you’re looking forward to seeing them and providing information on who to call or write with any pre-appointment questions or concerns. Send a brief follow-up message afterward to thank the patient, inquire whether they are having any unwanted effects, and invite them to stay in touch by following your social media accounts and your blog.

A patient appreciation party is another great way to give back. Many of our client practices run at least one patient appreciation party each year. This could be renting out a theater for a big film release, a picnic, a swimming party, or an ice skating rink evening are all examples of practices that have had good results in holding an annual patient appreciation party. If you decide to stage a more substantial event like this, be sure your staff has enough time to plan and publicize it in your clinic and on social media.

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A simple way to give back to your patients is to snap a photo with them and post it to your social media accounts. If you do this make sure that you have the proper HIPAA consent. This can be a physical form or it can be a digital process. If you’re not sure what to do, take a look at our dental social media service. That service includes a HIPAA authorization app that is super simple to use.

Fun Dental Social Media Posts Can Highlight Your Hygiene Team

We’ve discovered that including a photograph of your hygiene team at the beginning of your fun dental social media posts on is an excellent way to gvie back. Giving doesn’t always have to be about giving to your patients and potential patients. Get some complimentary social media signs to help you start creating content that highlights your hygiene team.

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Remember to tag your team members in the shot and post it to Facebook and Instagram with a caption asking fans to Like the post! When your community sees that you love and appreciate your hygiene team they’ll be endeared to your practice, which increases trust and relevance.

And if you want to highlight other team members, like your office manager and dental assistants, here is another complimentary pack of social signs that you can download.

New call-to-action

Well, there you go. You have the tools and the direction to start giving back to your team by showing your local community how much you appreciate them.

Simple Topics From Your Blog Can Be Fun Dental Social Media Posts

Some dental practices make the mistake of thinking that their blog posts need to sell or educate about dental services every time. That’s not the case. Of course, it’s great to occasionally publish content that supports great dental care. That’s one of the reasons you’re working so hard to create this permission-based, dental social media marketing strategy. But keep in mind that the topics must be interesting and relevant, first.

The comments from people in the example below help demonstrate the idea of creating fun dental social media posts through blogging:

dental social media

As you map out your own blogging content calendar, think WAY outside the box. For every dental service-related topic, see if you can come up with three unrelated topics that your patients and prospective patients will enjoy and find useful. You can do this if you just spend a tiny bit of focused time.

Big Ideas That Give Back

Do at least 2 big ideas each year. These fun dental social media posts should be about giving back to your community. Use your dental social media platform to spread the word before, during, and after. This includes writing blog posts and sending them out as email campaigns. Big ideas take time but payoff in the long run.

Could your team help build a home for somebody in your community through Habitat For Humanity? Could you whiten patients’ teeth and donate all the proceeds to a local children’s charity through Smiles For Life? Could you donate a smile makeover to someone in need? Could you offer a helping hand like Dr. Banas did? Could you help children’s vision through Sight Savers? Could you do some humanitarian work? Could you help make a miracle happen? Be imaginative and always think about what your community needs.

Need Help With Fun Dental Social Media Posts?

I’ve been a dental social media marketer for more than twelve years and I can tell you that this is one of the most rewarding jobs on earth. As we know, it doesn’t just take time to create an effective marketing strategy – it takes thoughtfulness, creativity, dedication, empathy and intelligence.

When you’re able to help people in need with your skills? There’s nothing better! You have made us so proud by being thoughtful about how to give back. We’ve seen thousands of dental practices take advantage of  fun dental social media posts through our social media service. Keep up the GREAT work!

Has your practice had a great experience giving back—either in a small or big way? Have you felt the satisfaction that lies in the act itself? Please share your experience below, or on our Facebook page. Thank you!

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