Facebook Promotions For Dentists Rules Change & Remove Third-Party App Requirement

By August 28, 2013 January 28th, 2021 No Comments

OK… THIS IS A PRETTY BIG DEAL for your dental practice. Yesterday, Facebook changed its Page Terms making it much easier for dental practices to run promotions right from their timeline without cumbersome third-party apps.

Facebook Promotions For Dentists Gets A Little Easier

Now, your dental practice can collect promotion entries by having people post on the page, Like, or comment on a post. One example of this new change is that Likes could now be a voting mechanism—which was never allowed before. Or, for example, you could have people suggest a name for the new fish in your fish tank in exchange for an entry to win a small prize. Fans can also enter by sending a direct message to the practice on Facebook.

There are still a few restrictions in the Page Terms that you need to remember. You may not tag people in a photo if the content is not relevant, and you may not ask people to tag themselves in exchange for an entry. Also, personal timelines may not be used for promotions—for example, you can not say, “…share this on your personal timeline to enter…” or “…share on your friend’s timeline for additional entries”.

Here’s all the detail if you’d like to read the whole thing on Facebook’s site.

Here at My Social Practice, we’re excited about the new opportunities this presents for our client practices. Whether or not you’re already one of our valued clients, over the next few weeks as we digest and distill the implications of this change, watch for more details here on our blog.