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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Paris Family Dental

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dental marketing case study

Paris Family Dental is a busy, exciting dental practice in Paris, TX. Dr. Del Toro and his team have a lot of fun bonding with patients and trying out new things on social media.

Jennifer Smith, the patient care coordinator, and head of social media in the office, told us, “Through social media, we have been able to reach out to our patients for promotions and events in a way that we have never been able to before. We have built friendships with patients outside of the office!

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Rolling Out Dental Marketing Campaigns Can Be Demanding, But It’s Worth It!

One of the coolest resources available to clients of My Social Practice is great campaign and promotional materials. We come up with fun ideas to get your team and your patients excited about social media, and provide all the materials necessary for you to put it into practice.

Jennifer told us, “We love the promotional materials and the blog posts. It is so nice having all of the artwork and informational parts done for you when you’re trying to come up with an event!

Check out some of the campaigns that Paris Family Dental has been using…

Canned Food Drive

The canned food drive is kind of reminiscent of the ice bucket challenge, wherein each person donating got to tag a couple friends to encourage them to donate to the community food bank as well. It’s a great way to spread word of your dental practice.

social media marketing for dentists

dental social media

Social Signs And Cue Cards

Many of our practices have loved using these campaigns. They’re super-simple and the result is lots of fun, and really popular posts!

social signs for dentists

social media for dental

12 Days Of Giving

This was our most recent campaign, and Paris Family Dental completely rocked it. They kept up awareness with frequent posts, followed up with pictures of the winners, and were consistent for all 12 days.


dentist social media


dental social media ideas

The Personal Connections Are The Payoff

Through these campaigns, something fantastic happens. Patients reach out in support, create conversations, and spread the word about how awesome your practice is.

Jennifer tells us something else about the benefits of social media that they strive for in their office:

We love seeing the patients interact with us outside the office. We feel like if you can create a friendship relationship outside of the practice it makes their dental visits just a little more relaxed and enjoyable!

Some More Q&A With Jennifer

What are some tools that you’ve found especially handy in your social media efforts?

We love that Facebook allows us to schedule posts out. The best posting times are not always when the practice is open so it’s nice to have that tool! We’ve noticed that scheduling posts for around 5-7 pm is prime for us.

What’s the toughest part of social media for you?

We have found that finding the perfect mix of personal and informational posts can be difficult. We have greater success with more personal posts, but it’s not always easy to make those happen!

What do your patients like the best about your practice on social media?

The patients are able to see a side of us they wouldn’t normally see by just being in the office for an appointment. They really seem to love seeing our more personal posts and being able to see a different side to the dental world.

What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?

Post often and post personal pictures and events! Patients love to see YOU and not just jokes and information. Mix it up and don’t be afraid to do silly things.

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About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental marketing expert and one of the founding members of My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a digital dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dentists, our dental websites service? Learn More Here.