A Social Media Photo Tip For Your Practice

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Here’s An Effective Social Media Photo Tip!

Have you ever stolen one of your patient’s phones? I don’t mean really steal it. I mean borrow it!

When you have an opportunity to take a photo or video with one of your patients, ask your patient if you can use their phone instead of using your practice’s electronic device.

Why would you want to do this? Because it’s much easier for your patient to post the photo or video to all of his or her social media accounts, right from his or her own phone!

Recently one of our awesome clients, Dr. Gustafson, used a patient’s phone to take a photo that was later part of a Yelp review. It isn’t common to see images like this for a dentist in a Yelp review which made it really stand out:

A Social Media Photo Tip For Your Practice

Even Better…

Want to bump up your effort even more? Try taking BOTH a photo or video with THEIR phone, AND one with your practice’s camera device. Then, ask you patient to share theirs and tag your practice. And, you publish yours as well. Double whammy opportunity.

What have we missed? Do you have a helpful idea for shooting and sharing this type of content in your practice? Please share your thoughts below in our comments section!


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