Our January Social Dental Practice of the Month – Ordelheide Dental!

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Congratulations to our January Social Practice of the Month—Ordelheide Dental!

There’s something that stands out to us every time we see a post from the Ordelheide Dental team: they really are friends with their patients! They combine the relationship-based service of a small-town practice with the latest in dental technology. In a tight-knit community where word of mouth marketing is crucial, social media helps them build lasting relationships and bring in new patients!

We Asked Marketing Coordinator Kristi Scott About How They’re Using Social Media

(Responses edited for length.)

What has been your biggest “a-ha moment” with social media so far?

The biggest “a-ha moment” came with our Food Drive campaign. We received gracious donations from people who are not patients, but saw our posts and stepped up to support the cause. It was then that I realized how powerful social media can be.

Which social media tools are working best for you?

My most successful efforts come from posting pictures of staff and patients. These attracted more attention, interaction, comments and Likes. Our practice is located in a rural, small town so people like seeing familiar faces in our posts. It creates a huge boost in trust and communications.

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What are the biggest ways social media marketing benefits your practice?

It helps build trust and relationships with our staff and practice. We are drawing new patients that we would have otherwise missed through other marketing efforts. We have had several patients mention our social media posts while in the office and offer to have their picture taken and/or complete a review. Yay!

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What are you doing in the practice to encourage social media interaction?

We continue to push past our inhibitions and encourage one another to step out of our comfort zones. The most difficult part is getting staff to let go of their reservations to ask patients to participate.

Scott also emphasized the value of social media as not just a marketing tool, but a means to foster lasting relationships with patients and the entire community. For practices just starting out, she stressed the importance of consistently creating posts that spark interaction and conversations with fans. My Social Practice makes this easy by providing ready-made content every day that includes interactive elements!

Using our strategies and content means you spend less time trying to think of something to post and more time serving patients. Social media can help you retain top-of-mind awareness in a way that strengthens the patient-practice relationship. We’d love to show you how!

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