Free Social Media Marketing Signs That Help Team Members Get Involved

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Often, when I visit with the marketing point person inside a practice, he or she will ask me for tips to help get other team members involved in supporting their social media marketing efforts.

We understand!

For example, perhaps “Martha” has been sitting at your practice’s front desk for the last 40 years and she’s not about to help you with all this new-fangled, oddball, social media nonsense!

Here’s one secret… Start with the simplest of baby steps. Snap a photo.

And to help you out, we’ll send you a selection of our premium social signs absolutely free—whether you’re one of our clients or not. Just pay the $9.95 shipping and handling fee.

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An Important Word of Caution…

Uploading team and patient photos is NOT an effective, complete and comprehensive social media marketing solution for ANY practice.

In fact, if posting patient photos is pretty much ALL you’re doing in your practice—in terms of social media marketing—there’s a real risk that your fans will get very tired of seeing photo after photo of people they don’t even know.

So, an occasional photo, mixed in with other kinds of great content works best.

Martha Will Come Around When She Feels The Difference

Having worked with thousands of practices over the last six years, we’ve found that once your less-involved team members just get a little inkling of how fun and fulfilling it is to engage with patients and fellow team members through social media, that many of them come around. The spirit of serving and sharing is powerful. It’s often a difference that makes the difference.

Genuine, heartfelt, relationship marketing makes it easier to grow a more profitable practice.

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