Facebook 360 For Dental Practices

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Here at My Social Practice, we’re always excited when Facebook rolls out a new feature. We immediately play with it and brainstorm whether or not it has application to your practice marketing efforts!

A few weeks ago, Facebook rolled out some cool new functionality called 360 Photos. How will it bring value to your practice’s social media marketing effectiveness?

Photos Become More Immersive

Instead of capturing just one angle in a photo, this new feature helps you capture an interactive experience with a static photo.

We experimented with 360 photos a couple of days ago here at our office.

First, shoot a panoramic photo with your camera device. We used an iPhone to shot a photo of some of our team working in our Think Tank. You can also use 360-degree photo apps like Google Street View.  

When you upload the photo to your practice’s Facebook page, Facebook will recognize that it is a panoramic photo and it will be converted to a 360 photo.

The 360 photo will appear in the newsfeed just like a regular image with the exception that a small compass icon will appear in the corner, indicating that the viewer can further explore the photo either on their desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Fans can immerse themselves in experiencing your photo by simply tilting their phone back and forth and up and down.

Check out the one we did by clicking this image:

How Your Dental Practice Can Use This Feature

We’ve been thinking about ways you might want to use these photos. Perhaps you’d like to take patients on an office tour. Or, take a panoramic during your next team huddle or when your team has lunch together. Tag team members and strengthen relationships with your fans by talking about the things each of you are passionate about.

Remember, we never do anything in our social media marketing efforts without considering “the why”! Sure, it’s fun to use social media, but we always have a greater purpose! Anytime you can get your fans to spend a little more time thinking about your practice and the people on your team, it raises top-of-mind awareness, and ideally creates “share-worthy” content.

Share-worthy content empowers your alpha audience—your patients—to become advocates for your practice by sharing your content with their own, highly scalable, permission-based social networks. Creating this mindset about marketing your practice will help you develop habits that will grow your practice through the future.

So, how will you use this new 360 photo feature? We look forward to seeing your creative ideas!

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