Facebook Boosting for Dentists: Your 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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Should a Dentist Boost Posts on Facebook?

There’s no getting around it: Facebook is now a pay-to-play platform. But when you’ve got great content and know the basics of boosting posts, you’ll find it’s an incredible value for your dental marketing dollar.

If you’ve been tracking the reach of your practice’s Facebook posts over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed a decline in how many people are seeing them. Don’t worry, It’s not because you’re any less interesting! It’s a result of Facebook (and all other major social media platforms) using algorithms to sort content and show users what it thinks is most relevant to them.

What does this mean for your practice? As Facebook news feeds become more crowded with content, it will be more difficult to reach your desired audience with your posts — even fans who follow your page. Small, strategic investments in boosting posts will dramatically increase your posts’ reach, helping you maintain top-of-mind awareness with fans and expand your audience to those most likely to become new patients.


Here are answers to the five most common questions we get from clients about boosting:

1. I didn’t have to boost posts before. Why now?

There’s simply too much content on Facebook now. As users continue to friend more people and follow more brands, the likelihood of them seeing your practice’s posts drops. Not only that, because of Facebook’s content algorithm, your posts aren’t guaranteed to even appear on fans’ news feeds. A 2016 study estimated that organic reach is down as much as 52 percent this year.

Organic vs paid reach2. How effective is boosting?

It depends on several factors — your budget, shareability of the content, fan interaction — but when done right, a boost turns a good post into a powerful tool to build relationships and attract new patients. Check out how a $5 boost increased our client’s post’s reach by more than 14 times.

3. Is boosting expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! You’ll need to decide what your marketing budget allows. We recommend you start by spending $5 promoting posts a couple of times each week. Increase your budget from there. Don’t stop and don’t give up. On the other end of the budget spectrum, we had a client spend $5,000 in one month boosting posts that promoted an Invisalign campaign they were running. Facebook boosting resulted in nearly 100 in-practice consultations that produced over $250,000.

4. Do I need to boost every post?

No. Certain types of posts are definitely more suitable for boosting than others. Boost posts that invite interaction and showcase your practice culture. These might be things like team photos, “Like Challenges,” contests and giveaways, or charity campaigns. Videos from your practice are also ideal for boosting. Also, be careful when boosting images with text on them, as Facebook may limit their reach to help provide a better user experience. Learn more in our blog post.

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5. Who does boosting allow to me reach?

You can choose the audience for your boosted posts. As part of the process, you can target people who like your page and their friends, or target audiences by location, interests, age and gender. This is a great way to spark conversations between your patients and their friends and family that would trust a recommendation of your practice.


The Best Value for Your Marketing Dollar

Even if your Facebook page is starting with just a few Likes, boosting is one of the best tools available to grow your practice’s social media presence and reach the people most likely to become new patients. When paired with great content, boosting can connect you with more people in more meaningful ways for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

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