This Photo Station Is Helping Dentists Turn Patients Into Advocates — All by Itself

By February 24, 2017 January 28th, 2021 No Comments

The MSP Photo Booth is a fun way for patients to share their experience at your practice, and it practically runs itself! Here’s how practices are using it to easily build powerful online word-of-mouth marketing and reach the people most likely to become new patients.

We recently introduced the MSP Photo Booth app for iPad as a way to make it more intuitive, personal, and fun for your patients and team members to participate in social media. It’s incredibly simple to use: patients can easily snap, customize and share photos from your in-practice photo station — all without your help!

Why is photo sharing so great? First of all, a patient sharing a photo of their experience at your practice has tremendous marketing value — family, friends and colleagues who trust the patient’s recommendations will see it (and possibly share it themselves). Second, because the patient is posting the photo to their own account, not your practice, no HIPAA consent is necessary.

Check out how some of our client practices are using the MSP Photo Booth:

A patient of Williamson Dental Solutions shared a ringing endorsement of the practice with her friends.

James River Family Dentistry shared the relationship they’ve built with a very important patient.

This mother shared the fun photo her child customized with stickers at La Petite Dent Pediatric Dentistry.

Patients of all ages love customizing and sharing photos with the MSP Photo Booth, and the app makes it fun and easy. We know your team doesn’t always have time to snap a selfie with a patient, so we’ve made the app so intuitive that you can be completely hands-off. Click the link below to request a demo today!