New Facebook Cover Videos Make Your Practice Page Immediately Engaging

You should be taking every opportunity to add original video content to your practice’s social media pages. Facebook’s new cover videos give you an interesting and effective new way to introduce visitors to your team and practice culture!

Video content is the lifeblood of great social media pages. It boosts engagement, conversion, and sharing more than any other type of online content. A great video can serve as the centerpiece of your practice’s website and social media pages, helping prospective patients quickly get to know you and your team.

Facebook has recently begun rolling out the option to set a video as your business page’s cover image. It’s a golden opportunity to feature video content from your practice where visitors are sure to see it!

Here’s how it works:

First, to see if your page has cover videos enabled, hover your mouse over your page’s cover image. You should see a “Change Cover” button in the upper left with a little video camera icon. Click it, then click “Choose From Videos.” If you don’t see that, the feature rollout might not have come to your page quite yet.

Then, simply choose one of your videos to feature! Keep these guidelines in mind while selecting:

  • It must be 20-90 seconds in length
  • Recommended dimensions 820 x 312 pixels
  • The video may have sound, but it starts muted

If you would like to upload a new video to use, go to your page’s Videos tab and click the “Add Video” button.

Occasionally swapping out your Facebook cover is an easy way to keep your practice page looking fun and fresh, and cover videos open up even more possibilities! For example, you might feature a video related to an upcoming holiday, or a compilation of quick clips featuring team members. It’s a perfect opportunity for one of your team members with a little video editing skill to make something unique and eye-catching for your social media presence!

To help you get started, we’re giving away three free Independence Day-themed cover videos for dental practices! Simply click below to download, add one or more to your Facebook videos, then set it as your cover!

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  • Hassan Mushaid

    Great info and thank you for sharing :)

  • Evie Hudgeons

    ohhh! This is a game changer! So exciting!

    • Indeed, Evie! Thanks for your comment and for reading our post! Let us know how it “changes” YOUR game!

  • Mari Posa

    Such a great new feature! Ours is not video enabled yet, but hopefully it will be soon. We enjoy and use all your tips and tricks!

    • Thanks, Mari, for your kind thought about our tips and tricks. YOU, and dental professionals like you, are the real heroes because you’re visionary enough and bold enough to pay attention to things that can truly make your efforts more effective. Thank you! Let us know how it goes, once your page is enabled with this capability.