Great Dental Social Media Content Earns Engagement Naturally

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There are dozens of ways to optimize dental social media content for engagement. But most of all, it just has to be worth your readers’ time! Create content that connects with patients and fans on a personal level, naturally leading to more Likes and shares.

When you’re researching social media marketing for your practice, you’re going to hear a lot about “hashtags!”, “keywords!”, and “search engine optimization!” Now don’t get us wrong, knowing how to use these technical features is important, but many social media marketers (and dental teams) get so wrapped up in it that they don’t answer this basic question first: “Is my content actually something anyone would be happy to see on their timeline?”

Search engines and social media platforms are becoming smarter, and trying to manipulate them into giving better visibility to subpar content is increasingly ineffective. Instead, they’re giving priority to content that meets people’s needs, connects with them on a personal level, and is relevant to their interests and communities. And when people come across that type of content, they’re more likely to engage with it — meaning more Likes, shares, comments, and reach.


Creating Naturally Engaging Content

For dental teams, better content means more engagement, and your name in front of more of your patients and ideal potential patients. How can you create naturally engaging content for your dental practice’s social media pages? To help answer that, let’s look at a series of Facebook posts from one of our great clients, Slave Lake Dental.

Along with their other posts, every couple of weeks, one of their team members creates a post highlighting one of their favorite local businesses:

They’ve chosen flower shops, restaurants, and other types of businesses.

Each one has a healthy amount of engagement, which signals to Facebook that their content is worth showing to more people.

Why are these such great posts, even if they don’t really have much to do with dentistry? Let’s break down some of the reasons:

  • They show the team’s human side. Time and time again our clients tell us “We were so surprised about how much our patients actually want to get to know us as people!” Sharing your team’s personalities, interests, and background stories builds trust.
  • They demonstrate a strong connection to the community. By tagging the businesses and encouraging people to shop local, they show that they know and care about their city.
  • They share things they think patients will love. People love to share about things that have improved their lives, and others are grateful to be let in on the secret! This goes for dental products and procedures you offer, too.
  • They’re fun and unexpected. Occasionally including posts that AREN’T about dentistry is a great way to grab attention!
  • They invite interaction. Start talking about your interests and favorite things, and fans are sure to chime in with their own thoughts and suggestions.
  • They utilize Facebook’s features to get more engagement. On top of having engaging content to begin with, they remember to tag team members and businesses, as well as include hashtags.

Grow Engagement and Your Audience With Great Content

Creating engaging dental content isn’t about seeing how much “optimization” you can jam into a post. It’s about giving people a look into your practice culture, and inviting them to be a part of it.

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