Quick Guide: Show Your Patients You Know What You’re Doing Amid COVID-19

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covid marketing ideas for dentists

As a health expert in your community, patients expect a lot from you in regards to keeping them safe and healthy. Potential patients are looking for a safe and reliable practice to trust with their dental care. You’ll need to have an active presence on social media to show your patients that you are taking every precaution. 

One of the main benefits of using social media is that it makes dental practices much more visible. Social media creates an audience for your dental practice on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These platforms allow you to establish authority and build your practice reputation. 

Additionally, having an active social media presence makes it easy to answer your patient’s questions and concerns. Show your patients that your office is prepared, organized, and ready to treat patients.

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Use social media to demonstrate the steps you’re taking to ensure your patients have a great experience. Go the extra mile to show how you are preparing to put your patient’s worries and anxieties at ease.

Remember, your dental Facebook page gives patients an idea of what it’s like in your office. Your potential patients can see your office, and meet your team before they ever walk through your door. Let your professionalism and competence show through your posts.

dental marketing during covid

Typically, a lack of competence in a dental practice leads to negative online reviews. Although almost no business gets away without a few negative reviews, poor reviews hurt your online presence and your practice reputation. Show your competency by updating your patients consistently and providing valuable information.

Here are a few dental post ideas to demonstrate competence in your practice:

  1. Share photos of your friendly and happy team members in their face shields and personal protective equipment.
  2. Post photos and take a couple of short videos showing what your team has done to prepare your practice for patients.
  3. Share information about your office hours on your social media pages. Explain that you are being flexible regarding scheduling appointments in order to accommodate patients.
  4. Your team members are working overtime for the benefit of your patients. Show your followers that their dental cares by giving a shout out to your hard-working team.

Dental social media marketing moves quickly. Getting attention for your dental practice requires a different approach than even just a couple of years ago. Old dental social media post ideas and marketing techniques aren’t effective anymore.

Acquiring new dental patients entails using social media to create personal connections, show authenticity, and build a trustworthy reputation. Prove that you are a likable, professional, and trustworthy practice by sharing meaningful posts on your pages. Especially now, dentist office reopening procedures and protocols are an important part of what makes patients trust dental teams.

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Having a strong social media presence supports your practice by giving potential patients a look into your practice. Posting current and welcoming content to your pages creates trust and makes potential patients more likely to give you a call.

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