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Introducing Google Gemini: A New AI Dental Marketing Tool?

By December 8, 2023No Comments

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Why are we Even Talking About an AI Dental Marketing Tool?

Here is a very real realistic scenario…

In the near future a new patient is going to call a dental practice and ask a series of questions. They’ll ask about the dental procedure in question. How they should prepare for the appointment. How long the appointment will take. They’ll ask about whether the practice will accept their insurance and how much will be covered and how much will be required out of pocket. They’ll inquire about post op instructions. They’ll feel satisfied with the practice representative and they’ll agree to schedule an appointment. They’ll discuss when would be the best time to come in and the practice representative will gather all of the relevant information, create a new patient account in the PMS/EHR, and then schedule the appointment. A follow up email and text will be sent with instructions on preparing for the appointment. All of this is going happen and the patient will have been speaking with an AI module that has been trained on the practice processes and procedures.

But the most important part of this won’t be the automation, the time savings from not having a team member have to answer the phone, nor the labor cost savings. It will be the fact that the quality of the conversation will have improved over a human conversation. That is where this is heading.

What that said, this article is an introduction to Google’s new AI module called Gemini, which is a competitor to ChatGPT. There is quite a bit of nerd talk in this article. So, if this subject is completely new to you I would recommend reading up on a few topics:

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What Will be the Best AI Dental Marketing Tool?

Google’s Gemini represents a major leap in AI technology. It functions by generating new content, including text, images, and responses, based on its training on vast amounts of data. In the realm of dental marketing, generative AI can be a game changer. It can assist in crafting engaging and informative marketing content, personalized email campaigns, social media posts, and educational materials about dental procedures and oral health. By leveraging Gemini’s advanced capabilities, dental practices can create more dynamic and effective marketing strategies that resonate with their target audience. This innovative approach can significantly enhance the interaction between dental practices and their patients, offering a more engaging and informative experience.

What’s the Difference Between Google’s Gemini and OpenAI’s ChatGPT?

Gemini and ChatGPT-4, while both advanced AI models, have distinct characteristics and similarities. Gemini, developed by Google, surpasses ChatGPT-4 in several benchmarks, indicating its advanced capabilities in language understanding and multimodal tasks. Unlike ChatGPT-4, which is primarily text-based, Gemini is natively multimodal, handling various data types like text, images, audio, and video. Both AIs demonstrate proficiency in generating and understanding complex content but with different focuses and strengths. Gemini’s multimodal approach positions it as potentially more versatile in handling diverse data inputs compared to ChatGPT-4’s text-centric design.

When Will Gemini be Available?

Access to Gemini AI is planned in stages, with different versions like Nano, Pro, and Ultra. Gemini Nano is designed for on-device tasks, and Pro, offering more versatility, will soon integrate into Google’s existing products, including Bard. Bard will begin using a version of Pro, enhancing reasoning and understanding capabilities. Gemini Ultra, expected to be the most powerful, won’t be available until at least 2024, pending further testing. The full launch of Gemini, particularly Gemini Ultra, is anticipated for select customers, developers, partners, and experts in 2024 after rigorous red-team testing.

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5 Factors That Could Make Gemini Superior to ChatGPT

Advanced Performance Over GPT-4

Gemini Ultra, a version of Google’s Gemini AI, has shown to outperform GPT-4 in various benchmarks, including those involving language understanding and multimodal tasks. This improved performance could be beneficial for dental practices in creating more accurate and contextually relevant marketing content.

Use Case: Think of Gemini Ultra as a high-tech student who gets top marks in class, outperforming its classmate, GPT-4, in subjects like language and handling different types of information (like text and pictures). This means Gemini Ultra is really good at understanding and creating various types of content. For dental practices, it’s like having a super-smart assistant who can create spot-on marketing materials that really speak to patients’ needs and interests.

Natively Multimodal Capabilities

Unlike many AI models that are primarily text-based, Gemini has been developed as a natively multimodal AI from the start. This allows it to handle different data types, including text, code, images, audio, and video.

Use Case: Gemini is like a multi-talented artist who can work with various materials, not just paint (text). It can create using text, computer code, images, sounds, and videos right from the start. For a dental practice, this is like having an all-in-one marketing expert who can make everything from written ads and visually striking social media posts to educational videos, offering a more dynamic and engaging way to connect with patients.

Integration Across Google’s Platforms

Google plans to integrate Gemini across its product platforms, beginning with Bard. This integration could make Gemini more accessible to dental practices, especially those already using Google’s suite of tools for business operations.

Use Case: Imagine Google’s Gemini AI as a handy tool that’s being added to a set of tools you might already use at the dental office, like Google Calendar or Gmail. This means that soon, you’ll be able to use Gemini’s smart features, like writing or creating content, directly within these familiar Google tools, making it easier and more convenient for dental practices to use this advanced AI for their daily tasks and marketing efforts.

Operational Flexibility

Gemini is designed to work across various platforms, from large data centers to local mobile devices, thanks to its availability in different sizes (Nano, Pro, and Ultra). This flexibility means that dental practices of all sizes could potentially use Gemini for their marketing needs, regardless of their technological setup.

Use Case: Think of Gemini like a chameleon that can change its size to fit where it’s needed. It can be really big for huge tasks (like in big data centers) or small for simpler tasks (like on a phone). This means dental practices, big or small, can use Gemini for their marketing, no matter their tech setup. It’s like having a marketing assistant that can either be a powerhouse or a compact helper, depending on what the practice needs.

Potential for Advanced Reasoning and Understanding

With its state-of-the-art capabilities in reasoning and understanding complex subjects, Gemini could help dental practices in creating more sophisticated and informative content that resonates with patients and potential clients. Whether it’s explaining dental procedures or discussing oral health topics, Gemini’s advanced reasoning abilities could be a significant asset.

Use Case: Gemini is like a smart teacher who can explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand way. For dental practices, this means it can help create detailed and clear content about dental procedures and oral health. This can make explanations more relatable and understandable for patients and potential clients, enhancing communication and education efforts in the dental field.

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Time Will Tell Who’ll Be the Best AI Dental Marketing Tool?

The landscape of AI is evolving at a remarkable pace, with new software platforms, large language models (LLMs), and open-source technologies emerging almost daily. Major tech corporations like Facebook, Amazon, and others are fervently developing their own LLMs, contributing to this rapid advancement. For the dental industry, this means an exciting future filled with possibilities. AI holds the potential to revolutionize practice management and marketing, offering more efficient, accurate, and personalized patient care and communication. The integration of AI in dental practices promises not just automation, but a significant enhancement in the quality of service and patient engagement, shaping a more innovative and efficient future for dental healthcare.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will AI like Gemini and ChatGPT affect jobs in dental practices?

AI dental marketing tools will be developed to assist rather than replace human staff. They can handle routine tasks, allowing dental team members to focus on more complex, patient-centric duties.

Can AI in dental practices help with patient communication?

Absolutely. AI dental marketing tools will can manage patient interactions, answer inquiries, schedule appointments, and even send follow-up messages, enhancing overall communication efficiency.

Will AI make dental practice management more complicated?

Initially, there may be a learning curve, but AI dental marketing tools will simplify and streamline management tasks, not complicate them.

How can AI assist in dental marketing?

AI can quickly generate engaging content for blogs, emails, and websites, saving time and potentially increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Today many dental practices are using ChatGPT to write compelling web pages and blog posts. AI dramatically improves SEO copywriting speed and creativity.

Is the use of AI in dental practices expensive?

The cost can vary, but the efficiency and time savings provided by AI can lead to long-term cost-effectiveness for practices.


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