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4 Ways to Increase Your Dental Practice Visibility on Facebook

By October 26, 2011June 6th, 20222 Comments


  • This is another great post! Your content is so consistently top notch. I have one suggestion on videos, I may please share. Patients and the public generally are squeamish about blood, needles and drills so it is not a good idea to publish videos of graphic procedures on your FB page (even if HIPPA compliant). If you wouldn’t put a journal showing graphic implant surgery on your waiting room tables, then don’t put clinical videos showing blood and needles on your website. FB page fans and patients would rather see the results and not the road it took to get there!

    • Jack Hadley w/ MySocialPractice says:

      Thanks, Celia. Great comment about videos. You’re right… Better to see the beautiful smile makeover than the procedures it took to get there!