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Easy and Fun Seasonal Dental Social Media Campaigns

By November 19, 2012June 4th, 2022No Comments

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Quick Tips About Seasonal Dental Social Media Campaigns

Dental Social Media marketing is most effective when there’s a mixed bag of content created and published through your social media accounts. Some of it can be dental related. Some of it can be completely removed from dentistry. And some of it is should be a nice mix. Dental social media campaigns are a super simple way to create a mix of great content.

By layering this dental social media marketing content, building one piece on top of another—you have the most opportunities to connect with many different patients and prospective patients with varied needs and interests.

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Types Of Social Media Content

There are a few different types of content that you will want to create when you run dental social media campaigns. We’ll discuss three types before jumping into seasonal dental social media campaigns.

Dental Blog Posts And Articles

Blogging is a great story telling content strategy. There is a lot of blog material about dentistry. Most of your competition probably has a blog on their dental website so, competition is fierce. You’ll need a great deal of imagination to make dentistry interesting. Writing also takes time to produce, particularly if you’re describing dental treatments and services.

One simple way to find ideas about what to write about is to do some research on the search phrases that your community is using when looking for answers to their dental questions. This will give you an indication of what to write about. If you’re not familiar about how to do this we can run a search report for you. Just reach out!

The first place to post blog material is your dental website blog. If you don’t have a blog on your website call your website provider and as them to add one. It takes about 30 seconds to add a blog to a website, especially if your website is built on WordPress. The time intensive part of a blog is writing it. If you need any assistance on adding a blog please give us a call.

Once you’ve posted your blog, check out LinkedIn and Facebook. These social media sites are ideal for long-form content, especially articles that consist of several paragraphs. You can publish the entire blog, a snippet, or link to it.

Publishing Images On Social Media

Engaging photographs certainly boost dentist social media marketing and engagement, and they help to humanize your practice and brand to potential patients. Images can also prevent users from swiping past your post quickly.

Images are far more consumable and engaging than long-form essays and articles. Smartphone cameras are powerful enough to capture stunning photographs, and social media applications enable you to modify them quickly, add effects, and publish quickly. There’s a lot of competition among image-focused platforms like Instagram and TikTok. A professional camera and editing software is not necessary.

Avoid using images with a lot of text on them. Post pictures with faces. People-focused photos receive greater engagement on Instagram and other social media networks.

Video As Social Media Content

With the advent of smartphone cameras, it’s never been easier to hit record and shoot a quick video. Most social networks prioritize video and push it out to more people in your community.

Capturing videos is easy when you have a reason, which is why seasonal ideas are so effective at creating dental social media campaigns and posts.

You should host video on YouTube when possible. Youtube also has a new feature called Youtube shorts, which is short form content. Also, Youtube is owned by Google and your videos will become indexed by the search engine and hopefully show up in search results. This is a cost effective dental social media advertising tactic.

Scheduling Your Social Media Content

You need a content calendar as a framework for the story that you want to tell. Without long term direction it’s going to be very difficult to stay motivated with dental social media campaigns.

If you’re one of our valued clients you’ll be familiar with content calendars because we give them to you each month. This makes it easy to create content. If you’re not a current client please subscribe to our blog and check out our Free Stuff page. We have tons of ideas that we give our freely, which you can use to create a content schedule.

One of the most effective ways to create dental social media campaigns is with seasonal campaign ideas.

Your Patients Enjoy Seasonal Dental Social Media Campaigns

In the fall many of our clients have held “Sweet Swap” events. These are awesome opportunities to invite both patients and non patients to your practice. This is also one of those events that isn’t specifically about dentistry but easily relatable.

After their events, many of our client practices published blog posts about the campaign. Here are a couple of examples:

dental social media
dental social media

Action Item: Dental Social Media Campaigns

In your next team meeting brainstorm the events that your team believes will appeal most to your patient base. These may include the obvious big ones, but don’t exclude local events that people enjoy. Sometimes local events are even more fun for locals—always keeping in mind that your best prospective new patients live and work near your practice. Narrow your list down to somewhere between 4-5 annual events.

When we’ve worked with clients around the country 4 to 5 annual events doesn’t seem to place too much burden on their time.

Once you’ve determined your events, use your dental practice social media marketing to create buzz before, during, and after they take place. This can include blog posts, promotions, dental contests, Facebook posts, tweets, videos, in-practice printed materials, check-ins, etc., etc.

Put your thinking caps on and be creative! You can do this! And if you decide you need more help, consider becoming one of our valued clients. Sometimes, it’s what you do with what we do.

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.

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