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3 Steps To Dental Social Marketing And Practice Growth

By December 10, 2012December 1st, 2021No Comments

dental social marketing
dental social media marketing

Dental Social Marketing: 3 Steps To Giving Back And Sharing Your Story

A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO, it was Giving Tuesday. Here at My Social Practice, every business morning we are on the lookout for awesome dental social media ideas. When we find something awesome we send it out to our clients. it’s part of our complete dental social media marketing service. A recent find was a Facebook post idea/graphic.

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On Giving Tuesday we sent our clients two versions of this artwork (see inset image). The first version was for their Facebook page and Instagram account. The second version was designed to be printed and to write down a way the practice “gives back”—then, we suggested taking a photo for posting on their Facebook pages.

Great Messages, Great Causes, Great Conversations Through Dental Social Media Marketing

Sharing with your community that you’re a giving practice, that you care about your community in more ways than oral health, is a fantastic way to build dental social marketing, online clout, and awareness.

I’ve spoken with some dentists who for years have donated time and tens of thousands of dollars to their community, and they have not said a word about it. I think very highly of dentists like this. BUT, there is a way to talk about the philanthropic efforts of your practice without bragging.

With the dental social marketing idea I mentioned above, here are just a few examples of the things many of our clients posted:

dental practice social media marketing

Dental Social Marketing Action Item:

Now it’s YOUR turn! We’ve made it easy!

Step 1: During your next team meeting brainstorm one simple idea for helping others and for giving back. Need more ideas? Subscribe to our blog and check out our Free Social Media Dental Ideas page.

You can also take a look at this ebook:

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Step 2: Click >>HERE to download your printable image. Print it, then write down what you’re doing. Now, take a photo of team members holding it for your Facebook page and write a great caption. Invite your fans to participate and to help by sharing it!

Step 3: Set a goal to do this monthly or quarterly. By exercising a little persistence and patience you’ll be delighted by the connections, trust, and loyalty you’ll build with your patients and prospective patients. People like doing business with people they like. YOUR dental practice is no different, especially when it comes to dental social marketing.

What are you doing to give back? Comment below and let us know!

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Marketing Truths.

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About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental marketing expert and a key member of the dental social media team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow with dental social marketin. Interested in learning more about the benefits of social media for dentists please schedule a complimentary consultation. And, don’t forget to read our Google My Business reviews.