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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Pinnacle Dental Group

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dental marketing case study
The team at Pinnacle Dental Group in Liverpool, NY, prides itself on being friendly and warm! They are an awesome client, and this pattern is evident in their social media efforts, with tons of fun examples of team members reaching out to patients, and patients responding appreciatively back.

Pinnacle Dental Group Enthusiastically Takes On Challenges

Pinnacle Dental Group takes on the challenges we give them fearlessly, putting mini-campaigns into motion on their Facebook page, and always trying new things.

Understanding your fans, patients, and prospective patients is a trial-and-error process, so it’s great to see practices like Pinnacle Dental Group who are willing to try new things. Doing so opens up new opportunities to share and connect.

Willingness To Share Strengthens Patient Bonds

Pinnacle Dental Group embraces opportunities to feature their team, and really let their patients get to know them better. As Dr. Traci Williams, who heads up social media in their office, says, “We’ve noticed that patients really become bonded to us the better they get to know us.”

Check out some of the fun practice culture blog posts they’ve done. Dr. Williams and the team put in the time to really create something that’s fun and personal.


We Asked Pinnacle Dental Group’s Dr. Traci Williams, A Few Questions…

We asked Dr. Williams what has surprised her the most about social media marketing. She told us, “Without a doubt, the most surprising thing that we have become aware of since using social media is the positive response from our patients. They have left us lots of positive comments regarding our staff, doctors and practice and that really is very valuable.”

Lesson Learned: Your patients love you! They just need the opportunity to express it.


We wanted to know what the HARDEST part of social media marketing is for Dr. Williams and the team? Dr. Williams said, “The most challenging thing for me is to decide which events/parties/promotions to try. Not everything generates a lot of attention, and it’s hard to guess which items our patients will get excited about.”

Lesson Learned: As will any marketing effort, there is no silver bullet. Every practice is different, and there will always be some trial and error. When you experiment and pay attention to what works, you really get to know your audience, which is invaluable.


We asked Dr. Williams what the #1 benefit of social media has been in their practice? She said, “I think there are TWO major benefits. First, patients can learn about services we provide and they can feel proud about referring friends and family members because they can get a true sense of what we are about. Second, they become bonded to us the better they get to know us. And with the economy being so fragile, and insurance plans constantly changing, etc, we truly value that relationship.”

Lesson Learned: In a relationship-based industry, sharing and connecting puts you way ahead of the curve. It also helps you better serve your patients!

We asked Dr. Williams how the team and patients discuss social media in the office. She told us, “Our team is really amazing! They talk about our social media with every patient and are instrumental in making it successful. We’ve noticed that every day at least ONE patient mentions something that they saw on our Facebook page. And so many times, they go home and write a positive comment.”

Lesson Learned: When you start promoting social media in the office, you’ll soon see the fruits of it online.


Congratulations to the Pinnacle Dental Group! You are an awesome client!

Check out this awesome dental marketing case study.


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