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Pediatric Dental Marketing Case Study – Social Media Helps Create Comfort Zones

By November 14, 2014June 4th, 2022No Comments

pediatric dental marketing case study

Congratulations to Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry, our November Practice of the Month!

Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry makes the dentist’s office a happier place for kids and parents through their social media tools. They know that dental offices can be intimidating for kids. But how scary can it be after patients see this?

Dr. Lopez told us, “The #1 benefit of our social media marketing efforts is that when potential patients see how we have fun doing our jobs and how happy the patients are, they’re drawn to the practice, and more likely to become new patients.

Pediatric Dentistry Social Media Provides Awesome Opportunities To Strengthen Relationships

Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry shares special patient moments on their social media sites. As Dr. Lopez said, “We’ve seen the most success when we post our patients having a great time during their dental visits and our staff just goofing around or loving what they do day to day.

With Consistent Responsiveness And Remarkable Care, Patients Share Too

A truly warm social media page has the patients chiming in too. For this to happen, a practice needs to do two things. First, it must provide the kind of care that gives patients something to talk about. Secondly, the practice should foster these connections with patients (and patients’ parents) by responding to comments, and thanking participants.

When we asked Dr. Lopez what the hardest part of social media was, he told us, “Being consistent with interacting with our fan base. We can get easily distracted when the practice gets a bit hectic and social media marketing can easily take a back seat.

Despite this, he says that it’s absolutely worthwhile. In fact, when asked what his biggest advice to a new practice was, he said, “Be patient at first and interact with your audience on a regular basis. And then, let your patients market for you!

Campaigns Can Give You The Boost You Need Now And Then

Our campaigns are designed to bring some extra fun to your social media efforts. Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry uses campaigns frequently to keep their followers excited about following them on social media.

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Some more questions and answers with Dr. Lopez

What do you do in the office to move your social media efforts forward?

Our team tries to capture moments when our patients are having a great time during their dental visits. We take the time to talk about social media to our patients and how it helps our practice grow and become visible in the community.

What sort of feedback do you get from patients?

We’ve gotten very positive feedback from patients about our social media efforts. Our followers appreciate the daily posts, contests/promotions, and even the informative blog. Many have mentioned that they look forward to seeing what Dr. Lopez will have to wear to get the most likes.

What items and services from My Social Practice have been the most useful?

The customer service that I’ve received from day one to the present has been phenomenal! I can contact my rep (Roxanne) and she gets back to me right away.

What’s the biggest benefit to your patients and practice resulting from social media?

Just the fact that we want to be constantly connected with patients after their dental visits. Our daily posts or promotions can give them a sense that we’re not just a ‘regular’ dental office but something more like an extended family.

Thanks, Dr. Lopez. And congratulations to Alexandria Pediatric Dentistry. Keep up the great work!

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