Our September Social Dental Practice of the Month – The Smile Spot Children‘s Dentistry

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Congratulations to Our September Social Dental Practice of the Month—The Smile Spot Children’s Dentistry!

It’s a highlight of our day here at My Social Practice to see the wonderful work Dr. Stephen Kest and his team are doing on social media. The enthusiasm and love they have for dentistry and their patients is inspiring. Dr. Kest and his team are unafraid to show their personal and fun side on social media, and their patients love them for it—and tell their friends!

We Asked Marketing Manager Tali Kest About Their Social Media Success

What has been the biggest surprise of using social media in your practice?

Just how much our followers LOVE interacting with us on Facebook. We are told on a regular basis how much people love to see our more silly, personal and fun side. The more personal we get, the more interaction we get on our Facebook page.

What social media tools have you seen the most success with?

Check-ins on Facebook are like GOLD! … When a parent checks in on Facebook (especially a new patient), we’ll often get a call from their friend before they’ve even left the office saying “My friend just checked in on Facebook and I’m looking for a new dentist for my kids. I’d like to make an appointment.” We make sure to get awesome prizes [to give parents when they check in.]

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What do you feel is the biggest benefit of social dental practice marketing for you?

New patient acquisition and current patient retention are both critical aspects to social media. The more we are active, the more top of mind we are for our patients and the more they love us.”

What’s the hardest part of social dental practice marketing for you?

The first is getting over the shyness involved with asking people to Like us or check in on Facebook. The other is the general effort involved with posting on social media with a more personal touch… We push ourselves out of our comfort zones and talk about upcoming events and [how] it’s important to check in so that Facebook continues to feed our posts to them.

What products or services from My Social Practice have been the most help to you?

I love the contest ideas that MSP provides and sometimes I’ll take a fun post [and] make a contest out of it… Anything we can customize, print out and make our own by taking a picture with is really popular with our patients. [The MSP Publisher and phone app allow] me to plan out many of my posts for the week and save me time.

To practices just starting in social dental practice marketing, Kest says “don’t be afraid to ask people to Like or follow!” Being bold and enthusiastic about connecting with patients convinces them it’s worth their while. She also emphasized the importance of boosting Facebook posts, and told us that all this takes her less than three hours a week!

We’re proud to help social media all-stars like Smile Spot Children’s Dentistry engage with their patients in meaningful ways. They’re a stellar example of what it means to enhance the patient experience through personal connection.

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