Our November Social Dental Practice of the Month – Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry

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Congratulations to our November Social Dental Practice of the Month—Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry!

If you need an example of how to use social media to build your practice, look no further than Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry! By combining our ideas with their creativity and enthusiasm, they have tripled their Facebook Likes, made the news, and supported great causes in just the few months they’ve been with us!

We Asked Marketing Director Stephanie Bardal About Their Social Media Growth

(Responses edited for length)

What has been the biggest surprise of social media marketing so far?

How much fun both our patients and our staff have had with our posts! We have loved [seeing the broad age range of fans] that have engaged with our contests and photos. It’s also been a great way to create a ‘history of our practice.’

Which social media tools have you seen the most success with?

We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our October [breast cancer awareness] campaign. The Social Signs were well-used and it was especially touching when we had survivors come in to share their stories. We were able to raise money for a local organization that supports those facing breast cancer in our area.

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How about the No. 1 benefit to your practice?

It has been an excellent way to showcase our practice to potential team members when they can see the fun we have, the causes we support, and how we get to know our patients on a more personal level.


Which of My Social Practice’s services have been the most useful to you?

The daily emails are full of options but our favorite pieces have been the Social Signs! Since we have started doing daily posts and using Social Signs, we have tripled our Facebook Likes! Patients have given us many positive comments in person as well as on our accounts.

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For Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry, consistent posting with a focus on team members and patients has helped them create a strong social media presence. Bardal said it’s not about “reinventing the wheel,” it’s about making a small effort every day to connect with your fans on a personal level!

It’s always exciting for us here at My Social Practice to spark that “a-ha moment” about the power of social media. When you take our strategies and ideas and run with them like Kimball and Beecher Family Dentistry, there’s no limit to how far you can go!

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