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Stream Live Video On Your Practice’s Facebook Page

By May 10, 2016September 27th, 2021No Comments

Have you heard about the new feature on Facebook allowing you to stream LIVE video?

Now, with Facebook LIVE, you can stream real-time video on your practice’s Facebook page.

Then, after you conclude, the video remains posted on your Facebook page for patients and prospective new patients to not only view, but to continue to ask questions and carry on conversations with your practice, and share the video with their friends on Facebook.

In addition to strengthening relationships with your Facebook audience, there’s another really important reason to consider live streaming on Facebook.

That is, first of all, Facebook is very committed to this live streaming feature. Why? Because of what’s called “page time”. Facebook is interested in having people spend as many minutes as possible of Facebook, and live streaming is one more reason for people to do that.

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In addition, currently, Facebook is pushing a notification to all your fans when you go live. We just read today that they just made it possible for people to “opt out” of such notifications… But for now, when you Go Live, it’s likely that a lot of your fans will see your video.

So, Facebook has said that they’re adjusting algorithms to favor live streaming, which means there’s greater likelihood that your videos will be pushed up in people’s feeds. So if your content’s is good, your videos will be seen, Liked, commented on, and shared more often.

After clicking on it, you simply describe your live video with a title, and click “Go Live”! That’s all there is to it!

Now don’t over obsess about perfection. However, be mindful of what is showing up in the background. If you do an office tour, for example, be sure you’re aware of HIPAA protocol when it comes to computer screens, people, etc., that may be in the video.

Other ideas may be to do a Question of the Day, like, “What should I do if a temporary crown comes loose” or something of value to your patients.

Be creative. Have fun. And use this powerful tool to enhance the effectiveness of your social media marketing.


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