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Dental Marketing Case Study — Payson Premier Dental!

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Dental Marketing Case Study — Payson Premier Dental

Congratulations to our May Practice of the Month — Payson Premier Dental!

We’re thoroughly impressed by the great work Dr. Kristin Wade and her team at Payson Premier Dental have done, both in office and online! Patients can’t say enough about how much they love this amazing practice, and through reviews, patient posts, and social media engagement, they’re spreading the word to their family and friends.

One thing in particular that stood out to us is how varied and creative the practice’s own content is on social media. Looking through their Facebook page, you’ll find live videos, dental-friendly recipes, collaborations with other local businesses, posts about charities they participate in, giveaways and more. They are constantly giving patients and fans a new and exciting reason to visit their pages and share with friends!

Also, through maintaining an active online presence and focusing on getting patient reviews, Payson Premier Dental’s listing is at the top of Google Maps for their city! Outstanding!

Want this to happen in your own dental practice? Take some tips from our recent exchange with Sarah Hubbard, Payson Premier Dental’s media coordinator.

Q&A With Sarah Hubbard, Media Coordinator

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

So far, what has been the biggest surprise of using social media in your practice?

“Our first Facebook Live post was a big ‘a-ha!’ moment. A local bakery delivered custom, dental-themed sugar cookies to our office, and agreed to do a quick live post for fun. That video reached 1200 people without being boosted, and opened our eyes to the impact of including other businesses in our posts.”

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Which kind of social media content and tools have you seen the most success with?

“We see the most success when we post pictures of our team members. We approach our Facebook/social media pages as if they were personal pages — posting everyday, if possible. Thanks to a recent My Social Practice video, we discovered Canva. This website has made it even easier to give our posts and publications a consistent look. Also, with MSP Reviews, our online reviews have more than doubled.


How do you feel your social media presence benefits patients?

“We have chosen three words to describe our office: Fun, Caring, Family. Because we approach our Facebook/social media pages as if they were personal pages, patients are always exposed to our office culture and kept in the loop. It helps them be more comfortable when coming in for appointments, and feel like a part of our fun, caring, family! They see what we’ve been up to since they last saw us, and it’s often a part of our conversation.”

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And how does social media benefit your practice?

“Team members are frequently stopped in public places by patients and non-patients to tell us how much they love our posts and funny videos! We’ve become quite renowned in our small town and beyond. Social media has helped us establish our brand as a Fun, Caring Family. Our patients love that we are active on social media, and frequently comment about how much fun we seem to be having.”

What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?

“Treat your practice’s social media pages like personal pages. Your office is a vital part of the community you live in, and social media is a great way to show it. Assume that your patients love you as much as you love them, and want to know what is happening at the office. Don’t use social media only to post dental facts or advice. Show off your office culture. Your current and future patients will appreciate your sharing and including them in your family.”

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We’re privileged to work with many practices like Payson Premier Dental that understand how sharing practice culture through social media grows your business. By showing how much you care for your patients and community, you build goodwill and relationships while helping new patients find you.

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