Orthodontic Marketing Case Study — Paschen Orthodontics!

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Orthodontic Marketing Case Study — Paschen Orthodontics

Congratulations to our July Practice of the Month — Paschen Orthodontics!

The team at Paschen Orthodontics truly understands that the power of social media comes from the “social”! The more people you can involve in your social media marketing efforts — your team, patients, local organizations and charities — the more powerful it becomes in growing compelling, authentic word-of-mouth for your practice.

Whether they’re raising money for people fighting breast cancer or giving away great prizes, Paschen Orthodontics gives everyone a worthwhile reason to engage with them in-practice and online — and then tell a friend!

Orthodontic Marketing Case Study

We reached out to Judy Paschen, social media coordinator for Paschen Orthodontics, for her thoughts on how social media is growing their practice and what’s been working for them. Take something from what their team has learned to apply in your own social media strategy!

Q&A With Judy Paschen, Social Media Coordinator

(Responses edited for length and clarity.)

What has been the biggest surprise of social media marketing for you?

“We were so wonderfully surprised at how responsive the public was to our ‘Put on Pink’ campaign! It coincided with Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the office. Dr. Paschen needed only 200 likes, and he received 700!

The video we made reached over 9400 people, and was viewed almost 5000 times! We donated locally for our patients’ participation to The SJS Cancer Support Team which provides support to local individuals.”

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What are the most significant ways social media marketing has benefited your practice and patients?

“For our practice, exposure and new patients! Since familiarity breeds trust, we are now a practice that comes to potential patients’ minds when they need to look for an orthodontic provider.

The patients enjoy staying informed of what is going on in the practice, as they want to make sure to participate and win prizes in our campaigns and contests, and have fun at their appointments. It also helps them feel connected to the practice, and to the Team members.”

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What do you do IN THE PRACTICE to maintain a strong online presence?

“Each week we go over what our social media plan of action is. It also serves as a good reminder to plan photos. Dr. Paschen and I are constantly networking with our Team and researching new ideas that will work well in our practice. If we get stuck, My Social Practice is always just a phone call away for some new ideas and the most effective ways to execute them.”

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What has been the biggest challenge of social media marketing for you?

“It is often difficult to make time within a busy patient schedule to follow through with all our photo and patient activity plans, but it becomes much easier once we get in the swing of it! For those times that we can’t do everything we want, My Social Practice has a great library of content to use as filler so that we can continue to post consistently.

Having a My Social Practice contact who can provide advice and help, along with the Social Signs, campaigns, and blog templates has made it a no-brainer.”

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What advice would you give to a practice starting to build their online presence?

“You need to have an enthusiastic and dedicated team member to be your social media coordinator, who can dedicate a small amount of time to it daily. Then, the rest of the team needs to follow through with the plan for it to be effective. Also, good grammar, spelling and proofreading matter!

For our practice, videos and Boomerang clips get the largest response! Use humor, and don’t be afraid to have fun! My Social Practice has many ideas to get you started.”

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We’re so glad that the team at Paschen Orthodontics has found so many ways to utilize our tools in growing their online presence! And Sarah, their dedicated support agent here at My Social Practice, told us she’s always happy to speak with them when they call in!

So even if you have little or no digital marketing experience, there’s never been a better time to start building your dental practice’s online presence. Request a free demo of our services and we’d love to show you step-by-step how to do it!

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