Why Empathy Helps Dental Practices Grow

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Being an exceptional dental office isn’t just about treating patients, it’s about having a practice that uplifts the lives of everyone around you.

We’re proud to work with hundreds of dental teams that show up for their communities and patients. These dental practices actively seek opportunities to serve. Being an empathic and serving practice builds a practice culture that your team and patients are proud to share, recommend, and send referrals to.

2020 has been a difficult year for many. Previously, you may have been opposed to offering discounts on dental treatment because it attracts discount shopper patients. In light of the current situation, most people are now looking for a discount. Now you have the opportunity to show empathy by extending flexible payment plans or reduced service rates.

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Not only are many patients financially struggling and they are also anxious about their health and the health of their families. As a dental professional, you have the knowledge and experience to support and comfort worried patients while at the same getting exceptional business for your practice. Your understanding of your patients’ needs during difficult times will go a long way for your reputation and relationships.

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In an interview with My Social Practice, dentist Dr. Craig Spodak said, “I do believe that the ultimate purpose of a business is to provide compassion, trust, and love… We’re not in business just to make money — money is the consequence of doing something with love. Everything we do [in our practice] is born from wanting to create a sense of community, whether that community is within our office or the community that we serve.”

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Being a compassionate, giving practice is more than just a nice gesture. It builds your practice in real, practical ways. How? Well, first it makes your practice stand out from your competition. You strive to provide excellent clinical treatment and exceptional patient experience however, so does every other dental practice. Seeing your team in action providing help for patients in need and doing good is something that people will remember.

Second, it boosts team unity. A 2018 study reported that employees are happier when they work for generous companies. A happy dental team means a better experience for your patients. Third, being empathetic by proving helpful information and responding to patient’s concerns will raise awareness for your practice through social media. By caring for your patient’s needs, you tell your practice story and show that you are bigger than just dentistry.

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As you show empathy, you will gain greater patients loyalty by showing that you are listening and that you care. Creating a compassionate culture evokes trust, makes your practice likable, and demonstrates thought leadership.


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