5 Ways To Reach New Dental Patients Using The Internet

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If you are not using digital media and the Internet to build your practice and find new dental patients, it’s time to bring your marketing strategy up to speed.

Don’t worry if your dental website is nothing fancy and your dental Facebook page has a small number of fans. Your dental marketing efforts are headed in the right direction. It’s no surprise that dental digital marketing is becoming the most powerful way to grow your dental practice. This blog article will cover simple online marketing strategies that you can begin working on today.

Here are 5 ways you can reach new dental patients using the Internet:

1. High Converting Dental Website

To have a high-converting website ensure that you have a video on your homepage. Videos are much more interactive and engaging. Plus, it makes your dental website look modern and trustworthy.

Check the mobile optimization of your website. Mobile optimization is critical as an increasing number of patients are using their mobile phones to search for new dentists in their area.

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Include an “About Us” page that contains photos and bio of your doctors and team. Your future patients want to see who they will be working with. Introducing yourself to your patients before they ever step foot into your practice will get you started off on the right foot.

Make it easy for patients to contact you! In the header of your website, display your contact information in bold lettering. Make it extra easy to find your contact information and give you a call. Include a strong call-to-action like “Give Us A Call Today!” or “Schedule An Appointment Now!” to urge your website visitors to take any action on your site.

2. Dental SEO

There are 3 things we want to focus on when discussing dental SEO. The first is keywords, keywords, keywords. Include key phrases that potential patients will use to find dentists and dental services. For example, “Dentists in Chicago” or “Teeth whitening near Bakersfield”

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Website speed is the second thing you’ll want to check on your dental website. Did you know that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, users will exit the site? You don’t want to lose new dental patients just because your website takes a few extra seconds to load.

The third thing to keep in mind when aiming for awesome dental website SEO is to include relevant content on your dental website. Relevant content is things like links to helpful dental resources, sharing content that is relevant to your local area and expertise, and blog helpful blog content.

3. Use Dental Social Media Marketing To Attract New Dental Patients

The most effective dental social media marketing is fun and engaging. Dentists who post fun photos and videos showcasing their team see big results. Potential dental patients care more about how comfortable they feel with your team than they do about the clinical side of your practice. Your dental social media pages are a place to build trust and life-long relationships with existing and new dental patients.

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Run contests in your practice to get great engagement and build strong relationships with your patients. Giving away a prize, even if the prize is as small and simple as a $5 gift card, goes a long way for patients and Facebook fans. Show your patients some love and appreciation by hosting a small giveaway!

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A sure way to reach more patients is to use the “Boost” function on Facebook and Instagram. Putting a small budget behind one of your social media posts will get it in front of the eyes of local users.

Share stories about your team and show off that your practice treats people, not teeth.

4. Ask For Online Reviews

A trick that our dental clients have used again and again to get more online Google reviews is to ask patients to leave a review while they are still in your practice. Once a patient leaves your practice, you become out of sight, out of mind. Make it personal by asking them to help you reach a goal you have set for reviews. Patients are much more likely to leave you a great review if you make their experience personal. How to get more dental reviews.

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Make it easy and simple for your patients to leave a great review for your dental practice. My Social Practice has a reviews text and emailing system designed to make leaving reviews a snap. Check out the reviews service here!

5. Dental Patient-Generated Content

An important part of reaching new dental patients using the Internet is to have your patients share their experiences with a post. When your patients post about you on their personal profiles, your dental practice reaches their family and friends — people who remember and trust their recommendations. The best way to introduce your dental practice to the people most likely to become new patients is through your existing patients online.

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Have a patient grab a Social Sign (get free Social Signs here!), snap a photo with you, and share it on their page. Make sure the tag your practice so you can share it too!

If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of dental marketing, but need new dental patients, we are here to help. Request a quick chat to see what My Social Practice’s award-winning social media solution for dental practices makes it easy to attract and retain patients online.


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