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Lights, Camera, Smile: Discover Amazing Pediatric Dentists on TikTok📱🦷

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Meet The Best Pediatric Dentists on TikTok

If you feel like your Instagram reach is steadily declining or you want to get your practice in front of new eyes, it’s time to head over to TikTok. TikTok is rapidly growing in popularity and more and more young people are using it as a way to search the internet, rather than using Google. 

TikTok marketing is a major opportunity for you and your team to reach teen patients in your area, and parents of younger patients. Creating videos for TikTok allows you to show off your knowledge with educational videos, and personality with trending content ideas. TikTok is more than just fun dance trends. 

To give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the best Pediatric dentist TikTok creators, each with their own personal flair. In this list you’ll find dental moms, dancing dentists, international humanitarians, and friendly neighborhood orthodontists, all making an impact on oral health education using social media.

Dust off your camera and brush those pearly whites—by the end of this blog you’ll be fully inspired to hit record and start creating your own stellar TikToks.

Guide To TickTok and Instagram Reels For Dentist

1. Happy Tooth SLC

Dr. Hanks of Happy Tooth SLC does a fantastic job showing up on TikTok for both educational and entertaining content. From their fun and funky practice to their willingness to jump on trends, you get a sense of the personalities of Dr. Hanks and his team. 

One of our favorite videos Happy Tooth SLC has created involves the currently popular “Accidentally Wes Anderson” trend. All it takes is short clips from around your practice or shots of your dental tools set to the right music and you’ve got yourself a successful TikTok video. 

Sharing helpful tips or busting dental hygiene myths is another powerful way to create engaging video content. Dr. Hanks dives into “What is the point of toothpaste?” in less than 60 seconds. He also uses this opportunity to briefly mention his line of healthy toothpaste. Proof that you can sell your products and services on social media without being sales-y.

One of their most popular videos that reached viral levels shows patient photos of teeth that are in serious need of dental care. Dr. Hanks explains the how, what, and why behind these scroll-stopping photos and how parents can help young kids take better care of their teeth. 

When it comes to creating your own content, try a variety of different approaches because there is no “one size fits all.” Having a robust blend of content can help inspire you to find your own viral TikTok ideas.

2. Kids & Teen Dental Place | Dr. Carpio

Maybe you don’t want to be on camera all the time. We understand—it can feel awkward and clunky at first. While it does get easier with practice, you can also recruit some help and still make great videos for your pediatric dental practice. 

Dr. Carpio at Kids and Teen Dental Place is a great example of sharing a variety of videos. This practice balances fun videos featuring pets, patients, and team members with a few Dr. Carpio videos as well. 

Utilize your team members to hop on a trend or celebrate a holiday or special occasion. You can get behind the camera and shoot some photos and videos of your team in action with the show’s real stars: your patients. 

As with all interactions with patients, be sure that anyone on your social media or website has signed the proper HIPAA compliance forms and they have agreed to have their face or dental images shown online. 

Once you have the proper approval, videos of patients can be a fantastic tool for marketing for pediatric dentists. It helps prospective patients (even the little ones!) see what a trip to the dentist looks like. Showing off a happy patient can help calm anxious kids and parents before they even step through the doors of your practice. 

You can take your patient videos and celebrate milestones like their first visit, braces removal, or even graduation. These videos can also be the perfect place to tackle a dental habit or myth that needs more explanation.

3. Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry

One of the best things you can do to improve your pediatric dental marketing is to start creating video content around the basics of the dental industry. Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry does a phenomenal job covering all sorts of dental topics; touching on everything from dental hygiene, to pacifier use, to braces. 

These types of videos are quick and easy to make. Don’t feel like any topic is too mundane or has “already been covered.” Your content will reach new audiences and so many people can benefit from even a minute’s worth of dental education.

Pro tip: Try “batching” your educational videos by recording several on the same day. Keep a list of topics that you want to cover, set yourself up, and hit record. You can record them in the same place in your practice every time or switch up your location. This can be one of the easiest ways to create large amounts of content at once.

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4. Dr. Julie Davis

Everyone loves a good recommendation, and who better to recommend products for better oral health than your friendly neighborhood dentist? TikTok isn’t just for teenagers and dance trends, but for product searches as well. 

Dr. Julie Davis does an awesome job sharing her life at home as well as in her practice. By filming in both locations, she can double her content volume, and include her cute kids as well. She tackles everything from pediatric brushing to her favorite electric toothbrush, while keeping everything casual, fun, and upbeat. 

Dr. Davis is a great example of why doctors should be on TikTok. Her videos provide a unique perspective without being boring or clinical. She demonstrates how dentists can relax a little bit and successfully share wisdom and personality all at the same time.

Pro Tip: Try comparing two types of the same product (i.e. toothbrushes, toothpaste, flossers vs. floss) and share your findings. Bonus points if you use them on yourself to show the difference.

5. Dr. John Yoo

There may not be a better collection of cute patient videos than those over on Dr. John Yoo’s TikTok profile. From his practice regulars to international trips, Dr. Yoo is helping cute kids with dental hygiene around the world. 

When it comes to marketing for pediatric dentists, you should be having fun and showing kids how easy going to the dentist can be. Social media is the perfect opportunity to highlight positive patient interactions and remove the stigma that going to the dentist has to be scary, painful, or intimidating. Showcasing your personality and how you interact with your patients is pure magic for attracting and converting new patients.

Pro Tip: Have a staff member record you not only during a procedure but when you are genuinely interacting with your patients. These types of candid moments are fun to share, showcase your personality, and make your practice unique.

6. The Mama Dentist

Parents of young children want and need all the support they can when it comes to making healthy choices for their kids, and yes—even TikTok can be a great place to build a community that promotes healthy habits for children. 

The Mama Dentist does a beautiful job creating informational and helpful content for parents. After just scrolling through a few of her videos, you can see she has even more to offer. 

Your TikTok audience won’t likely all be able to visit your practice, so The Mama Dentist has created a course for helping parents start healthy toothbrushing habits in babies and toddlers. She is a great example of how you can use these videos to sell an additional product or service without being too pushy. Her end goal is to help as many parents as she can, but she’s also successfully marketing her course. 

Like the Mama Dentist, you can find opportunities for “free” or “organic” marketing if your following starts to grow, or you figure out how to go viral on TikTok.

Pro Tip: TikTok has multiple options for advertising. This can help you reach and target your ideal audience (future patients). Take some time to learn how to advertise on TikTok and choose the option that best fits your practice and goals.

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7. SOCO Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Dr. Ashley at SOCO Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is successfully tackling all things braces and more with informative and fun videos. From stopping myths in their tracks to responding to viral videos that may or may not be faked, Dr. Ashley keeps things quick and snappy all while sharing important information. 

Some of her videos even include FAQs about having your first consultation and office tours. Videos like these are enormously helpful for prospective patients. You can even embed your TikTok feed on your website to help improve your pediatric dentist SEO.

Pro Tip:  Use the effect “Green Screen” found in the TikTok app. This allows you to add a photo or video clip behind you while it records your face simultaneously. This effect is perfect for myth-busting and educational videos highlighting a popular topic in dentistry. A similar effect is to “stitch” other TikTok videos by playing their clip first and then immediately adding your own clip with your thoughts.

Getting Started on TikTok

Now that you’ve seen some amazing examples of pediatric dentists on TikTok, you should be feeling ready to jump in with your own account. 

To help you get started, here are some of the best TikTok trends for dentists we’ve come across so far: 

  • Respond to crazy dental videos or viral dentistry photos 
  • Bust a common misconception about dental hygiene
  • Share your favorite tools for at-home dental hygiene (and what to avoid!)
  • Tour your office or highlight your team
  • Dance to a trending song in your office and have fun!

At the same time, remember that trends come and go. Have fun with the trends you really like, but don’t neglect the value of creating your own original content as well.

Short and snappy TikTok videos are a great tool for your pediatric dental marketing plan. They can help you reach new patients, connect with current ones, and help you promote your practice’s unique culture and personality. TikTok can also be a source of fun and entertainment for your team to collaborate, and strengthen office culture. 

Get started brainstorming your next video with these 25 pediatric dentist social media ideas, and check out this free set of printable social media signs for Ortho practices today.

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About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental social media marketing team member at My Social Practice. Adrian is passionate about helping practices implement dental TikTok marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Adrian or one of the executive team to speak at your event, please reach out on our dental marketing expert page.

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