Quick Idea #18 – Reverse Caption Contest!

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TODAY’S QUICK IDEA COMES FROM Allstate Insurance. As part of their new campaign, “Mayhem” posts clever status updates that engage their whopping 1,009,138 fans. A recent wall post said this: Reverse Caption Contest! I (we) provide the caption, you post the photo. Today’s caption: “That didn’t work out how I had planned.” (see below)


Reverse Caption Contest!

The business provides the caption, the fans post the photos! Allstate’s caption: “That didn’t work out how I had planned.” Then, fans posted THEIR OWN photos to Allstate’s wall including the same caption—and THEIR version of what didn’t work out!


Starting A Reverse Caption Contest For YOUR Practice Wall

How could you take this idea and apply it to YOUR Facebook fans?

Here are some possible captions that you could use to start jogging your minds:

  • “Worth it!”
  • “Best time of my life!”
  • “I remember it like it was yesterday…”
  • “Made me smile.”
  • “I never laughed so hard…”

Remember, Facebook guidelines say that you are not supposed to offer a prize on your Facebook wall for a winner. BUT, be sure to respond to every post and thank them for interacting with your page! Good luck and have fun!