5 Must-Have Components For Dental Social Media Marketing Success

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WE JUST FINISHED UP A FUN PROJECT with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry! They asked us to develop a free, downloadable white paper for their members (and for interested non-members as well) that helps outline the necessary components for dental social media marketing success in a practice.


Special thanks to Michael DiFrisco at the AACD!

Download “5 Must-Have Components For Dental Social Media Marketing Success”


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My Social Practice is the only dental and orthodontic-exclusive social media company that provides affordable, highly creative ideas, strategy, content and support to ensure your social media success in 10 minutes/day.

Creative Ideas

  • Fresh Writing, Concepts And Images – We deliver relevant, compelling creative that sets you apart. Everything we do is created to make YOU look great and to contribute to building YOUR thriving practice.
  • Benefit From The Dental Social Media Thought Leaders – You don’t need to pick, choose, or distill. We’re dental marketing specialists. It’s all we do… And it shows in our program’s effectiveness.
  • Creativity With Purpose And Objectives – All we do points to actionable strategies and tactics that grow your practice.

Comprehensive Strategies

  • Ease & Speed  – You can be effective in 10 minutes a day when you know exactly what to do. We show you how.
  • Platform Approach – Your social media marketing platform builds a sustainable fan community.
  • “Own” Your Practice Voice – We do the heavy lifting, but YOUR contributions make the difference. We make it easy for you to contribute.

Remarkable Consultant Support

  • The Consistency For Success – We keep your efforts consistent—regardless of your level of participation.
  • Help You Be Accountable – Success comes through the combined efforts of YOU and our company. You’re never alone.
  • Refine Your Efforts – We help set goals and suggest improvements.

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