Another Way Blogging For Dentists Grows Your Practice

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ON ITS SURFACE, the benefits of blogging for dentists can be difficult to understand. There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation out there and we’re often asked about blogging’s value in a dental practice.

The Easy Way Out Is To Simply Dismiss Its Value

Never forget that thoughtful blogging strengthens patient relationships. Resist the temptation to buy into the “automated social media” marketing lie when it comes to blogging for dentists.

Benefits Of Blogging For Dentists:

  • blogging shows patients and prospective patients that you care
  • blogging makes you more approachable to patients
  • blogging attracts new patients and increases case acceptance
  • blogging educates patients about services you provide
  • blogging absolutely increases career satisfaction
  • blogging reinforces to your team that what you provide is important
  • blogging isn’t difficult with a little help

Open 1 Email, Spend 10 Minutes A Day, Then Spend 30 Minutes Once A Week

Here at My Social Practice, our dental practice clients know how effective their social media marketing can be—using very little of their precious time—when they’re laser focused. Our 1-10-30 Rule brings that focus. In this video we talk about the “30” portion of the rule and our approach to helping your practice make blogging effective:

If You’re Not A My Social Practice Client You Can Still Use Exactly The Same Principles

Of course! We’d love to have your practice as our client. But if you’re not ready yet, we’re also happy to share the things that we see working with you to help you realize the benefits of becoming a social practice.

1. Blog About Topics People Care About

2. Share Your Blog Posts

3. Respond & Invite


The Results Of Effective Blogging For Dentists

One of our Social Media Consultants, Roxanne Smart, was visiting a few days ago with the awesome team at Brenner Dental Care. Here’s what they had to say about this CEREC post:

Is Your Practice Ready To Get Serious About Social Media Marketing?

My Social Practice is the only dental-exclusive social media company providing affordable, highly creative ideas, content, strategy, and support that ensures your practice’s social media marketing success in 10 minutes a day. We’d love to visit with you about how we can help grow your practice.