How Does Your Practice Stack Up to Local Competition Online? 3 Key Factors

With over 90 percent of consumers using search engines and social media to find healthcare providers, your dental practice’s online presence matters more than ever. Improving in these key areas will help you appear front and center where it matters most.

One of the best things about the internet is how much power it has given the average person to make smart consumer decisions. With just a few clicks, we can compare all the options in our city for whatever we need: restaurants, home repairs, healthcare and everything in between. And it’s more than just a list of names. At a glance we can see hours, locations, team photos, blog posts, customer reviews and more. This powerful combination of essential details, business culture and word-of-mouth has a huge impact on where people ultimately decide to go.

As a dentist, you need to know how your practice’s presence on search engines and social media platforms measures up against your local competition. Start by looking at a few key areas:

  1. When someone in your city searches Google or Facebook for “dentists near me,” how high do you appear in the results?
  2. Does the content on your social media pages reflect a friendly, active, inviting practice culture?
  3. Do your review scores on Google, Facebook and Healthgrades make you stand out as your community’s premier dental care provider?

Improving your social media pages and getting positive reviews will help new patients find you. However, figuring out exactly how to do that can be tricky to do alone, and varies by practice. That’s why we’d love to take a closer look at each element of your practice’s online presence, and together with you, build a plan to improve where it matters most.

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