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5 Essentials Of A Great Dental Office Website

By June 3, 2021December 21st, 2022No Comments

Your dental website is integral to your online presence and dental marketing efforts. 

The homepage of your website is just as important to your marketing efforts (if not more so) than your physical storefront. With a momentary glance, today’s potential patients assume volumes about your practice, your team, and the quality of your dental care.

If your dental website needs to be updated or has poor design direction (or no direction), potential patients will also see your practice as outdated, inconvenient and without direction.

But well-designed, content-rich, and mobile-friendly websites can build relationships of trust with patients before they call to schedule an appointment. 

Our goal in publishing this post is to highlight the most important aspects of what the best dental website designs should include. 

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1. Intuitive, Mobile-Optimized Design

Potential patients in your community use search engines to find local dentists. They search from their desktop, mobile phone, tablets, laptops and widescreen desktops. With over half of all internet searches coming from mobile devices, you need to make sure that potential patients interact effortlessly with your dental website.

Your website must allow anyone regardless of what device they are using, to easily navigate your site. Mobile optimization is a must to achieve this and is required to have a great dental website.

dental office website


As website development has evolved mobile optimization has become central to the design process. In 2023 all of the best dental websites are mobile optimized.

Way back in the mid-90’s there were websites that were built for mobile navigation. It was super early on and this process wouldn’t be what you would call mobile optimization today. We now refer to these sites as mobile-friendly sites.

Mobile friendly websites are ones that are designed to work exactly the same across all devices, but they had lots of problems. They would often have unreadable text, content that would overflow the devices viewport, and cluttered navigation. Although these sites were better than the desktop version on a mobile device, the issues issues were frustrating to user experience.

It only takes a minute to test whether your website is mobile optimized with this free website grader.


Of all of the elements mentioned in this post, this is where it’s most worth hiring professional help. Unless you’re both a dentist AND a web design expert, don’t waste your time trying to hammer a non-mobilized website into a mobilized website. Especially if you are working with an old outdated site. It would be easier to start completely over with a mobilized-template.

I also know that everyone has a cousin or nephew who knows some code. I wouldn’t go that route as well.

The cost of building a new mobile-optimized site has dropped significantly in the last few years, which is one of the reasons that My Social Practice can build mobile-optimized websites for free.

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2. Convey Authenticity and Professionalism


People buy from businesses that they trust and one important way to build trust is by first by emphasizing your team. A business is only as strong as the employees who work there and potential patients will learn more about who you are as a dentist by the way that you treat your team.

It’s vitally important to recognize and highlight your team members. The place to do this on your dental website is the About Us page.

If you’ve thought that nobody’s going to look at your “About Us” page? Think again! Right behind your homepage and the contact page as the most trafficked pages on your website, is the About Us page. Especially for unique website visitors who are landing on your website for the first time.


Start with great photography. If you have a recent mobile phone you should have a camera that will capture amazing photos. I have an iPhone and I like to use the ‘portrait mode’ to get great photography.

If the culture of your office is fun and exciting then make sure to highlight the personalities of your team. Check out Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics’ Meet the Team page. Make sure to hover over the team photos.

Having an individual photo and short bio for each team member creates connections with potential patients — before they ever call or visit your practice!

dental office websites


Video is a great way to introduce your team to new patients. Take a look at how Levine Dental used video on their Meet The Team page.


Ask your website manager to correctly set up your schema. If set up properly, see example below; when someone searches your practice name in a search engine the sub-pages of your site can show up in the search result. Correct schema and structured data for dental SEO allows people to click directly to the page that that are interested in.

Holmes & Palmer Orthodontics asked that we add Meet the Doctors and Meet the Team pages to their schema.

Dental office website about us page

The bottom line is people like to do business with people they know. In dentistry, where relationships are especially important, a strategic personal online presence offers doctors and their team’s opportunities to connect with patients and prospective patients on a meaningful level. This is an essential part of great dental websites.

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3. High Ranking Sites have Consistent New Content

What do we mean by “consistency” in your online presence? Primarily, it’s making regular attempts to connect authentically with your audience by posting high-quality content, such as blog posts, new fresh photography, practice specials, and patient updates.


Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your rankings in the search engines. But, the content must be original and consistent.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing place a tremendous amount of importance on the ongoing creation of new content, and dental practices that blog more than others will be rewarded with higher rankings, more phone calls, and practice growth.

My recommendation is that you lean on a team member who has had some writing experience and task them with writing a blog post each month, or more if possible. Two of more original blog posts each month will be significant in increasing rankings.

If you don’t know where to start, download these 7 blog templates to get going.

New call-to-action


Let’s kill two birds with one stone.

Anytime you have an idea for an email newsletter, you should write it as a blog post first. Once you’ve published the post on your blog you can use the copy in a newsletter.

If you have a dental marketing company writing your blog content, they’ll usually create a header image for the blog. You can use that header image at the top of your newsletter.


This is super simple….

If you have a dental website that is contemporary and up to date, you can use social media plugins to update your photography. A social media plugin like the one below for Instagram, pulls the photography from your Instagram account right into your website.

All you have to do is post to your Instagram account and your website photography will be updated. If this seems too difficult or your dental website management company isn’t able to do this, give us a call. We always integrate social media content with website designs.

dental office website design


Plugins can be designed many different ways. You can show the last few posts in a horizontal line like the example of Chestnut Hill’s homepage above, tile format, single images, vertical sets of images. Speak with your website development team and ask them to add the plugins to your website, it only takes a few minutes.

There’s a degree of transference that takes place in patients’ minds when practices consistently provide new content. If you’re consistent and reliable in providing honest human content your patients will assume the same for your dental care.

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4. Highlight Social Proof

What others are saying about your practice online has an enormous influence on how others make decisions. It’s a psychological principle where cohesive groups tend to accept the conclusions that are agreed upon in group consensus. You can also see it play out in herd mentality, where peers adopt behaviors based upon emotion rather than logic. Individuals end up making decisions that they would not have if they were alone.

What Is Social Proof For A Dental Office Website?

Part of every dental practices ongoing marketing campaigns should involve consistent improvement on their online social proof. Improving social proof is not difficult, but it does take a focused approach with specific goals and deadlines.


Use a review website plugin to highlight your 5 star reviews from Google and Facebook. Reviews on Google and Facebook are perceived to be unadulterated, or not influenced, by the business.

Also, consumers see a Google review as more valuable than a review on 3rd party application that the patient is not familiar with. Some of the review softwares in the dental industry gather reviews on their own softwares rather than encouraging patients to review the practice on Google or Facebook. My recommendation is to focus on Google and Facebook reviews because they carry the most weight in terms of social proof.

Take a look at the homepage of our website to see how we highlight dental practice reviews of our marketing services. It’s about half way down on the homepage.

dental office websites | adding reviews to your dental site


Consider highlighting content created by, or about your patients.

Get patient testimonial video reviews by asking your best patients to share their experience. Patient reveal and before and after videos create social proof. You can easily leverage Instagram or TikTok to get great patient reveal and before and after videos.


A social influencer is someone who has a local and trusted following on one of their social media accounts and agrees to post positively about your practice on their account.

We’re not talking about millions of followers, we’re talking about 1,000-10,000 followers. These are called micro-influencers and most of their followers will be located right in your area. They are great to leverage for social proof and you probably already have several patients who would be considered influencers.

To learn more about how to leverage local influencers, watch this video presentation above.

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5. Great Dental Office Websites Have Calls to Action (CTA’s)

A ‘Call To Action’ or CTA is a message that resonates with a reader where he or she has an emotional trigger. But it’s not as simple as saying, “We provide dental implants. Click here to schedule a dental implant consultation.”

Great dental website calls to action focus on intent rather than a need. For example, “Our first and most important goal is empathetic patient care, which is why we use the highest quality dental implant technology in the industry. Our computer guided implant surgery allows us to accurately place an implant with 4-dimensional guided surgery. When can we meet you and provide the best care possible?”

Focusing on intent rather than need in your CTA’s creates engagement. Notice the difference?


In order to write CTA’s correctly you have to know your audience. Does your website visitor have a pressing oral health care need, such as a tooth ache or pain in the jaw? Or is your typical website visitor concerned about cosmetic issues like, teeth whitening, veneers, and orthodontic treatment?

The key to capturing a website visitor and converting them to a scheduled patient is to tap into their emotions and suggest a solution.


Your CTA’s should be singular in its objective. Clearly explain the problem and solution quickly and without cramming several marketing points into each other. More is not better when it comes to CTA’s.


Use words that tap into the emotions of your website visitor.

Trigger words are words that provoke a reaction. It depends on what reaction you’re wanting but here are a few trigger words as an example:

  • Safe
  • Tired
  • Confident
  • Overcome
  • Empower
  • Uncomfortable
  • Exposed
  • Embarrassed

If you start throwing emotional words out ad-hoc, you may find that they the reaction doesn’t hit. Decide when you begin to address the needs of your potential patient and use emotional words accordingly.

Read through the copy below and ask yourself how it makes you feel.

“We are a dental practice made up of friendly, caring dentists and team members committed to the oral health of our community. We’re not like all dental practices. We’re family and et the end of every appointment we walk our patients to their car. We take pleasure in building relationships for years to come.”

The intent of the copy is to evoke a feeling of warmth, trust, and caring. Does it work?


In order for a potential patient to take action on a CTA, they have to feel the need to do so. Before you tell someone what to do you need to have identified their problem, offer the solution and provide some value.

Here are two examples of a CTA for teeth whitening.

Call us to schedule a teeth whitening appointment.


Are you embarrassed about your smile? Learn about our revolutionary whitening service, and make sure to ask about our whitening for life program. You’ll never need another whitening solution.


Once you’ve added a call to action to your page make sure to test moving the placement and also change up the design. There are great tools online that will allow you to test placement, design and verbiage.

A tool that I like to use is called CrazyEgg. It shows you where your visitors scroll, hover over, and click. You can test one version of your CTA with another version and look at the engagement over time. This type of tracking and data will help you understand exactly which CTA’s are working better than others.

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Adrian Lefler is an expert dental marketer and a key member of the dental marketing team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is a dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow. If you’d like to book one of the members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that HERE. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dental practices or our dental websites service, you can learn more here. Also please read our Google My Business reviews.