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What Should A Dental Practice Website Include? What The Experts Know

By September 7, 2021May 18th, 2022No Comments
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Suppose you’re a dentist considering a new website, rebuilding one that you’ve had for a while, or possibly rebranding. In that case, be aware that the most critical aspect of a great converting website is the psychological phenomenon called social proof.

Before we expand on dental social proof, let’s mention that My Social Practice recently wrote a blog article about the must-have features of dental websites, which is an excellent list of items that every website should include. This article is more functional than psychological. So, What should a dental website include to be great? Let’s dive in.

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Every Dental Practice Website Needs Social Proof

Dental social proof, what is it?

Social Proof is a concept first introduced in Robert Cialdini’s book Influence in 1984. This idea, also known as informational social influence, refers to the notion that individuals adopt the actions of others to try and match behavior.

If someone is unsure how to act in a social situation, they tend to look to the people around them for assistance. It’s common for guests at a gala for the first time to pay attention to their surroundings to determine if they’re fitting in and behaving as everyone expects.

Maybe you’ve heard the term herd-mentality or mob-mentality? These social behavior descriptions are aspects of social proof.

We need to be aware of this psychological phenomenon in dental marketing because it will drive potential patients to our dental practices or away.

Forward-thinking dental practices work hard to improve the effectiveness of their social proof. Patient reviews, existing patient testimonials, media coverage, and other forms of online reputation are examples of high-quality social proof in website dental marketingLet’s look at various types of social proof your practice should pursue.

Patient Testimonials are Effective Digital Marketing

The more dental patients that visit your dental practice and leave positive reviews about their experiences, the more potential patients will trust your qualifications as a dentist.

Your current dental patients are likely to publish reviews online if they’ve had a great experience and the know-how essential it is to your practice. But they won’t often do this without a bit of nudge. To get more reviews, you have to ask your patients for them.

Most websites can pull your best reviews into the site and display them as a social proof statement. If you’ve not done this, consider reaching out to your dental website company and see if they can set it up. If you don’t have the support of dental marketing companies, let us help you out!

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Another form of testimonials is patient videos and recommendations. These are excellent to highlight on your dental website. It shows that your patients feel comfortable with the practice and value the quality of care.

Tip: Online testimonials that are 100% authentic and not filtered carry the highest social proof. Google reviews are genuine, which is why they are so critical. Potential patients know that Google reviews are original and not influenced or filtered by the dentist.

Learn More about dental marketing strategies in 2022.

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Case Studies Improve Dental Marketing Efforts

One great way to showcase satisfied patients is by writing a dental case study about their experience with your practice. Identify one or several patients that you’ve you’ve had significant success with and reach out if they’d be willing to participate in a case study along with preliminary questions.

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A great example of a dental patient case study would be before and after pictures, a smile reveal video, or a blog post. Blog posts are an excellent way to deliver a case study because the long-form format allows you to spend some time setting the stage and telling the story.

Humanitarian Events Help Convert Website Visitors Into Patients

Sharing your charitable efforts on your dental social media sites is an excellent method to expand your dental practice influence.

Why should your dental practice prioritize giving? Giving has a variety of advantages for your dental practice. It fosters team bonding, promotes local awareness, and transforms your dental routine into something patients are proud to share with their friends and family.

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When it comes to social proof for dentists, the verdict is straightforward: utilizing humanitarian causes in your social media marketing posts leads to greater case acceptance, more new patients, additional referrals, and improved revenue per patient.

Humanitarian causes also provide great patient calls to action. It’s easy to snap a photo, request a review, or capture a patient testimonial if the environment around your request is one of helping others. You may not know where to start. If you feel overwhelmed, here is an article that talks specifically about giving opportunities that work well with social media.

Professional Qualifications & Awards

When dental patients first meet with their new family dentist, they are often interested in knowing the dental professional’s qualifications and training for providing dental care.

That’s why dental professionals commonly list professional qualifications on every page of their dental website. Listing your qualifications throughout your site provides dental patients with peace of mind, which helps them feel that you are a trusted dental clinic.

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Another aspect of qualifications is continuing education and any relevant affiliations or associations you belong to so your patient can learn more about you as a dentist. Listing qualifications is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment to being “the best dentist” in your area. Always explain why dental patients should choose you for dental care.

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Making Your Web Design Personal

The “About” page can make a big difference on a dental practice website. It’s on the “About” page that patients can form a personal connection with a dentist, learn about their education, experience, professional certifications and honors, and even personal history.

Some of the best “About” pages include several photos of the dentist and the team. Don’t be afraid to show and talk about the methodology of your practice, what each team member’s responsibilities are, and the importance of those tasks.

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It’s helpful to have a mission statement on your “About” page. A great mission statement will be empathetic, localized, and highlight your core values.

Tip: The more personalized, the better because it humanizes your practice and helps potential patients feel comfortable. On your About-Us page, you might want to include videos of yourself and the team.

Leverage Your Blog For SEO & Email Newsletters

Blogging is a bit of a mystery for most dentists. Bogging is a huge part of boosting your dental SEO. More than just a dental SEO tactic, blogs can be used as a great way to announce upcoming events, purchase new hardware or software, or the arrival of a new employee.

The more people read dental tips (e.g., how to care for dental appliances like a mouth guard) on your dental blog, the more they will trust you as their dentist. Subconsciously they feel that someone is looking out for their oral health.

Being an authority can go a long way in building credibility with potential patients, so be sure to include relevant content on your blog and dental website regularly.

Pro Tip: The articles written and posted as blogs can easily double as an email in your email marketing campaign. Write an article and post it to your blog, and you’ll get some SEO love from Google. Then copy it into an email delivery system, and viola! You’ve killed two birds with one stone. Blogging is one of the best ways to reach prospective patients because you’re mining your email database while at the same time improving your rankings in search engines.

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Guess What? We Can Help!

If you want help improving the effectiveness of your website through the suggestions, contact us today! Our team of dental marketing experts are ready and waiting to partner with you. Allow us to lean on our 13 years of dental marketing experience to create a stellar dental website that drives new patient appointments.

What Does Your Dental Practice Website Need?

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