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10 Dental Video Ideas You Can Create And Post Today

By March 14, 2021 No Comments

Having engaging video content on your dental website and social pages is a must for every dental professional in 2021. However, we have hears many obstacles get in the way of dental practices creating dental marketing videos. Not only do we hear “It is challenging to come up with dental video ideas” but also “We don’t have time to make videos” and “There is no way I could get my team or doctor on board.”

That’s where My Social Practice steps in to help. We have worked with thousands of dental practices like yours looking to get more patients and grow using social media and video.

Here are ten awesome dental video ideas to get you started:

1. Answer a FAQ

Think about the questions that you get all the time and create a fun video addressing them. This type of video will get shared because it is educational to everyone. PRO TIP: Write captions with what you are saying in your video in text overlaying your video. Many people watch videos without sound and this will help people stay on your video.

2. Capture A Reaction

Capturing a reaction video is even better than a testimonial video. A real, genuine reaction from your patient is worth 100 testimonial videos.

3. Fun Fact: Did You Know?

Shoot a video where you are telling your audience about a fun dental or non-dental-related fact. (Remember, not everything you post needs to be dental-related. The goal of dental marketing is to build trust by making real connections with potential patients.)

4. A Day In The Life

Show behind-the-scenes clip and share the daily activities of your practice! This type of video typically works best when sped up or cut into short clips. Many practices are using this idea to show how seriously they take sanitation in their office and what they are doing to ensure patient safety.

5. Lip-Sync Dental Video Idea

Have some fun with patients as one of your dental video ideas and make a lip-sync video to a trending song. When you sign up for TikTok and Instagram you can scroll through the popular videos to see what kind of lip-sync challenge is trending.

6. Explain A Unique Service

What do you provide in your office that makes you stand out? Your potential and even current patients might not know about all the services you offer or the new technology in your practice. Take a video to educate them on what your practice offers to give patients a comprehensive experience.

7. Jump On The Latest Trend

Do you remember the Harlem Shake? Or the planking challenges? There is always some sort of viral video trend happening online. Ask your dental team what funny or interesting trends or video challenges they are seeing online and recreated one or two! Not only is it fun to introduce your team to your patients with fun videos, but it makes your practice likable.

8. Product Review or Demo

Review one of your favorite dental products or one that you sell in your practice. Tell your patients about why you like it and how it can benefit their oral health. You can also shoot a video that demonstrates how to properly brush, floss, use a water flosser, etc.

9. Dance Party Idea

This may sound silly, but it works! Everyone is entertained and intrigued by dancing videos. If you have someone in your practice who likes to dance, use that as a fun opportunity to provide helpful information to your patients. Shoot a dancing video and then include informational text with tips and tricks.

10. Just Checking In

Update your patients on what is going on in your practice. This could be new staff members, what their experience will be like when they come in, or just simply saying hello and thank you.

With My Social Practice, you will have a marketing plan, a schedule to follow, and your own marketing expert to help you along the way. The reason many dental professionals are falling behind is simply that they don’t have anyone to turn to for help with the constantly changing social media world. We can help! Schedule a time to talk to one of our experts.

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