Social Media And Practice Website Search Results

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Social Media And Practice Website Search Results

What do pigeons, pandas, penguins, and hummingbirds have to do with your practice’s website and search results? These are the names of Google’s algorithm updates—each of which affects search engine results in some way.

Everywhere you look, SEO experts are talking about “new” SEO. For example, from search engine land, “SEO has evolved. Social media has become an integral part of search today.” And one of my favorites from a little over a year ago, by Eric Schmidt, Google Executive Chairman, “At Google, the biggest mistake that we made was not anticipating the rise of a social networking phenomenon… Not a mistake we’re going to make again.”

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How Social Media Helps Your Website Search Results

So how does this happen? How does social media help your practice with search engine results for your website? When you share content to your social media accounts or push out content from your blog or website, it generates activity that, in turn, drives activity back to your website. Google notices this activity. It’s sometimes referred to as social signals. In fact, in a recent search metrics study, seven of the top 10 Google rank correlation factors shown were related to social media.

Keep Publishing Consistently

There are lots of good reasons to be doing social media marketing inside your practice. And now, frequently shared social media content is increasingly correlating with good search rankings.

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