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Blog Content For Dentists, Orthodontists, And Optometrists

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What Type Of Blog Content For Dentists, Orthodontists, And Optometrists Is Best?

No doubt you’ve heard about and are starting to grasp the importance of blogging in your dental, orthodontic, or eye care practice marketing. But are you feeling overwhelmed by the notion of starting a blog? Don’t be. We’ll show you how.

Dr. Gorczyca’s Recent Visit To Our Office

It’s always a pleasure for our team when Ann Marie pays a visit to My Social Practice. Her passion for both orthodontics and marketing is invigorating and contagious!

In her first book, It All Starts With Marketing: 201 Marketing Tips for Growing a Dental Practice, Dr. Gorczyca talks about the importance of having a practice blog—and during her recent visit she reiterated that advice. “If you’d like to share the services you provide and the interesting things you’re doing in your dental practice with your community, a blog is a great way to do that. And, My Social Practice is the place to go.”

One of the many amazing things about Dr. Gorczyca is that not only is she really good at taking the blog content that we outline for our clients and then personalizing and publishing it, but she’s remarkable at coming up with her own topics for blog posts. She’s really one of our client poster children when it comes to creating great blog content and consistently publishing.

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Examples Of The 6 Types Of Effective Blog Content

At My Social Practice, our writing, design, and strategy teams spend a lot of time researching, creating, and testing different types of content. Our goal is to provide our clients with great content and coaching that allows them to maximize their social media marketing effectiveness in a minimal amount of time.

Our definition of “great” content is content that patients and prospective new patients become engaged with, read, value, comment on, and/or share through their own trusted, permission-based, highly scalable social networks.

After analyzing thousands of social media posts on many different platforms (including blogs) I’ve concluded that there are six characteristics of great blog content for dentists, orthodontists, and optometrists. I spoke about them recently at the 2015 Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) in San Francisco. In nearly every case—regardless of whether we’re talking about a tweet, a Facebook post, a video, a pin, an Instagram photo or a blog post—great content exhibits one or more of the following six characteristics (and we’ve included some linked examples from Dr. Gorczyca’s blog):

Blog Content For Dentists, Orthodontists, And Optometrists
Here are links (below) to the specific post examples shown above.

Great content…

  1. Engages: To Moms Everywhere… Thanks For The Smiles and Thanks For Your Reviews And For Sharing Our Orthodontic Practice!
  2. Provides Value: April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and Speed Up Your Orthodontic Treatment Time With AcceleDent
  3. Shares Practice Culture: Our Six Practice Values and It’s A Summer Splash Party And You’re Invited!
  4. Increases Clout: What is the Edward H. Angle Society? and For World Class Dentistry, It Takes A Team
  5. Demonstrates Passion: How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? What Dr. Gorczyca Loves Most About Being An Orthodontist and Memories of My Orthodontist, Dr. Lawrence Oliveira
  6. Strengthens Relationships: Getting To Better Know Our Awesome Dental Assistant, Ebony and Ally

No piece of content needs to do ALL of the six things listed above! But we know from experience that great content does one or more of those six things.

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When It Comes To Blogging, Start With The “Why”

Your Bottom Line Is The First Reason Why
Lest you think I’m suggesting that blogging is all about a “feel good” experience, let me unequivocally state that it’s not. When it comes to understanding the value of publishing blog content for dentists, orthodontists, and optometrists I know from experience that there are a few of you reading this right now and mumbling something under your breath like… “I don’t need no silly, froufrou blog. What I need is more derrières in my chairs! Period! How am I supposed to justify my investment of time and energy in blogging? What’s the doggoned return on my investment?”

I get it. I’m in business too, just like you. Measuring the return on blogging (and all other social media marketing) is multi-dimensional.

Here are some additional posts to help you better understand how blogging grows your practice:

  1. Blogging Improves SEO: Social Media And Practice Website Search Results
  2. Blogging Attracts New Patients: Another Way Blogging Grows Your Practice
  3. Blogging Promotes Services & Increases Treatment Acceptance: How Blogging Helps Promote Services
  4. Blogging Breathes New Life Into Your Practice: 11 Reasons Your Practice Should Be Blogging
  5. Blogging Decreases Attrition: Thoughtful Blogging Strengthens Relationships

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5 Steps To Help You Start Blogging

Step 1: Trust Your Instincts (even in baby steps, if needed)
As evidenced by the fact that you’re still reading this post—and that you’re considering blogging—you’re likely the kind of practice owner or team member who trusts your instincts. I admire that. Doing something this new requires a leap of faith. The future rewards may not be easy to see or readily apparent. But your business sensibilities are telling you that practice marketing has changed and that your participation is required now in many ways.

If you’re still struggling with becoming a believer, read each of the blog posts linked above and let the ideas set in. Invest the time. Your practice is worth it.

Step 2: Set Up Your Blog
This is a simple thing to do, but it’s a more lengthy discussion than I want to have here in this post. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, I recommend a WordPress blog, or contact your webmaster to set up a blog on your website. If you’d like some help with both the mechanics of getting set up, and the content, we’d love to have you as one of our valued clients. We’ll also help you make blogging an integrated component of a complete social media marketing and reviews strategy.

Step 3: Create Your Content
This is the heart of the matter… Creating your blog content for dentists, orthodontists, or optometrists. Get six sheets of paper and at the top of each paper write one of the six characteristics listed above, starting with “#1: Engages”. Then, during your next team meeting, involve your entire team in coming up with blog topics.

For example, under #3 (sharing practice culture) think about things going on in your community and/or practice. Could your team participate in an upcoming food drive for the local homeless shelter? Are you planning a patient appreciation party? Did a team member go on a humanitarian trip last year? Do you go out to lunch together once in a while? Is the doctor’s 5-year old coming by to say “hi” today to your team? These things don’t have to be earth shaking to be sharable.

Under #4 (increasing clout) consider the CE courses team members have attended over the last year. Tell your patients and prospective patients what you’ve learned that is helping you serve them better. Always frame it in terms of patient benefit.

Or, under #5 (demonstrating passion), find out what fun things team members are doing when they’re not at work. Is someone training for her first half marathon? Is someone about to test for their blue belt in karate? Did someone just participate in a community chess tournament? You get the idea. People like doing business with people they know and like. Patients and prospective new patients are interested in you as people too… Not just as their health service provider.

Look through the many varied topics on Dr. Gorczyca’s blog as inspiration to prove to yourself that you can blog effectively and in an interesting way without hard-selling your professional services all the time!

Step 4: Create A Content Calendar & Make Assignments
This doesn’t need to be difficult. A content calendar is just a commitment for certain people to publish certain posts on certain days.

Step 5: Distribute Your Blog Posts
Of course you can’t expect the world to sit up and take notice of your blogging efforts at first. Effective blogging takes some time, patience, and consistency. Make sure you have systems in place for distributing your blog posts, including through email to your patient base and through all of your social media accounts. If you don’t have these things in place, get them set up in conjunction with starting your blog. If you need help, we’d enjoy having you as one of our valued clients.

What Type Of New Patients Do You Want?

What type of new patients do you want to attract and retain? Keepers? Those who share your content? Those who value, understand and appreciate what you do? Those who trust you and recommend your practice to their family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors? Blogging allows you to talk with your current patients and with these kinds of prospective new patients, not at them.

You can do this. I know you can. Onward!

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Amazon Book

About Dr. Gorczyca:
In addition to running a highly successful orthodontic practice in Antioch, California, Dr. Ann Marie Gorczyca teaches practice marketing, treatment coordination, and human resource management as a clinical adjunct professor at University of the Pacific. She is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and an Angle Society member. Dr. Gorczyca has been asked to speak at the 2011, 2012 and 2014 American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Sessions about practice marketing. Her first book, It All Starts With Marketing: 201 Marketing Tips for Growing a Dental Practice is available through Amazon. Watch for her second book release soon!






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