Becoming a Relationship-Focused Dental Practice (feat. Dr. Craig Spodak)

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On this installment of Dental Digital Marketing Discussions, we’re honored to have speaker, philanthropist and dental pioneer Dr. Craig Spodak with us!

Dr. Spodak is a third-generation dentist, which has allowed him the unique opportunity to see patients who have been served by his family for 50 to 60 years! Now, as director of one of Florida’s premier dental practices, he is dedicated to creating a truly remarkable, holistic, patient-focused experience. In all aspects, from the design of the facility to social media content, Dr. Spodak puts patient relationships first.

Listen as Jack and Dr. Spodak discuss a few things that you can do to build the relationships that will allow your practice to thrive, such as:

  • Recognizing that your brand is in your patients’ hands, and what that means for your team
  • Limiting how much you “sell dentistry” on social media, and instead focusing on your personal side
  • How demonstrating compassion and love is one of the best ways to build a business
  • Making simple, fun video content the centerpiece of your social media presence

Learn more about Dr. Spodak’s exceptional work in both dentistry and improving his community at

Note: This conversation was recorded before this year’s Dental Digital Marketing Conference, which took place in late April. We hope to see you at next year’s!

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