5 Principles For Effective Social Media Marketing In Dental Practices

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FIRST OF ALL, HUGE KUDOS to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association for the awesome short video embedded below. Simple. Clear. Elegant. Fun.

What We View As One Of Our Biggest Responsibilities To You, Our Clients

We consider it one of our biggest responsibilities to you to read and glean all we can from the remarkable content out there today about social media marketing—THEN, to take what we learn and distill it into relevant information that your dental or orthodontic practice can practically use.

In the video below, WOMMA defines word of mouth marketing as “any business action that earns a customer (patient) recommendation”.

In turn, when a patient recommendation is earned, it indicates a preference, which leads to an action (appointment, purchase, etc.), and to a strong possibility that the patient will tell others through word of mouth. This sequence: > Builds Brands > Drives Sales > Sparks Conversations

According to WOMMA, the most effective word of mouth marketing follows 5 principles:

  1. It’s Credible – honest and authentic
  2. It’s Respectful – transparent and trustworthy
  3. It’s Social – listening, participating in conversations, responding to conversations, encouraging conversations (both online and offline)
  4. It’s Measurable – ability to define, monitor and evaluate success
  5. It’s Repeatable – doing it all over and over again to become a truly talkable brand (or as we call it, a Social Practice)

(thanks and credit to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association WOMMA)