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Learning From Dr. Holmes About Dental Patient Engagement Through Social Media

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CONGRATS to February’s Social Practice of the Month! We so much enjoy working with Dr. Anissa Holmes and her team at Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services.

About Dr. Holmes

Over the past six months or so, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Holmes and her team. She has taught us a LOT about genuine patient interest and care. It seems to not only be part of her practice culture, but also built right into her DNA.

First & Foremost, A Giving Practice

Dr. Holmes’ practice is located in a part of the world where the average salary for well over half of the population is less than $100US per week. In her words, “Many really great people are living with very basic needs.” We’ve noticed that often when Dr. Holmes gets a comment on one of her posts, or on her Facebook wall, that there are needs that are not easily met for people because of financial restrictions. Dr. Holmes always goes out of her way to do what she can to help. She happily offers to visit with them at no charge and sincerely tries to figure out creative ways to help. Their practice is truly a great example of a “giving and introspective” practice.

Dr. Holmes Takes “Listening” To New Heights

One of the things that has really impressed us about Dr. Holmes and her team is that they know how to listen. And once they’ve listened, they’re very responsive—using their integrated dental social media tools:

Willing To Engage One-On-One

Another cool thing about Dr. Holmes is that she’s very accessible to her patient base. The result is enormous loyalty and increased referrals. Her mindset about social media for dentists has helped her become very proficient with her tools as well. Using a minimal amount of time each week, she stays very close to her patients.

We asked Dr. Holmes…

We asked Dr. Holmes what her biggest “a-ha moment” has been in using dental social media marketing? She said, “We knew that there was power in Social Media, but we didn’t realize to what extent. We have noticed a significant increase in new patients who walk in READY to start treatment. Before they come in, they already ‘know us’. They have been to our website, seen pictures and read articles on what we can do, and know that we are passionate about changing lives through cosmetic dentistry.”

Lesson Learned: If you’re still wondering about “the ROI” of social media marketing in a dental practice, one of the many ways it increases profitability is by shortening the sales cycle for your services, through engagement and education.


We also asked what things they’ve had the most success with. Dr. Holmes said, “We love our Facebook page, but are now starting to also see the power of Twitter. Through retweeting someone’s post, we were followed by the company who makes the Portable X-Ray Machine in our office. We thanked them for following us and attached a picture of their equipment in use in our office. We received an email a few hours later from their marketing team asking us to use our pics on their company website. That shows the power of Twitter.”

Lesson Learned: For a dental practice willing to spend just a tiny amount of time with Twitter each day (remember, baby steps!), over time you will absolutely begin to see value. Not just in connections, visibility, and learning but also new patient acquisition.


When asked her opinion about what’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing, she said, “To be honest, it’s not so hard. The key is to be CREATIVE and to constantly keep our eyes open for content that would be interesting to our fans and patients.”

Lesson Learned: Your practice can do this too!


When asked Dr. Holmes’ opinion about the biggest benefits of social media for HER PATIENTS, Dr. Holmes replied, “New and existing patients comment every day on how they LOVE our Facebook page and social media marketing. They tell us that they feel really connected to us because of our posts, which makes them more comfortable when they come into our office.”

Lesson Learned: When you share your practice culture through social media you reinforce the concept that you treat people, not teeth.


When asked Dr. Holmes’ opinion about the biggest benefits of social media for HER PRACTICE, Dr. Holmes said, “We have a huge amount of interaction on our Facebook page, and have between 30-50 new patients per month now who list Facebook as how they heard about us. Even better, new patients say that they check our page daily to see what things we are posting, and come in telling us what they want because they have learned about and seen pics about a procedure on Facebook.”

Lesson Learned: Social media marketing in a dental practice works.


Dr. Holmes also mentioned she appreciates the daily Kickstart post tips of the day we send her. “It is great to mix those in with our posts. We can tell that a lot of thought and creativity is put into the post suggestions.” Thanks, Dr. Holmes. Our pleasure.

Lesson Learned: If your practice needs a great story to tell, join in on the Smiles For Life project this year!


Dr. Holmes estimates that she spends 3–5 hours a week on social media marketing.

Lesson Learned: Any practice with the right tools, mindset, ideas, and strategy can benefit from social media marketing WITHOUT having it take tons of time. And remember, you can spread out the responsibilities!


Congratulations to Dr. Holmes and the entire team at Jamaica Cosmetic Dental Services!


Ready To Get Serious About Social Media Marketing In Your Practice?

Do you want to learn how to effectively use social media in your dental or orthodontic practice from people who specialize in social media marketing—instead of from web development companies and SEO-centric consultants who seem to be jumping on the social media bandwagon? If so, call us or email us. It’s the right time to keep your practice on the leading edge and to take advantage of social media marketing. We look forward to visiting with you.

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About the Author: Jack Hadley is one of the founding members of My Social Practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow their patient base exponentially by using digital dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that on our dental marketing consultant page.



  • johnkokai says:

    The value of a patient “knowing you ” before they come through the door, is immense. It will double or triple your case acceptance over people who do not “know you”

    • Blake Hadley says:

      Thanks for your comment John! We agree. Social media is an easy way to not only stay connected with your patients after they visit your office, but before as well!

      Also, we received your information for Smiles for Life. Thanks for signing up! We’re looking forward to seeing the story it will create for you practice.

  • Kristie Nation says:

    Another great example of a practice using social media in all the right ways! Congratulations!