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Social Media ISN’T Something You “Have”—It’s Something You “Do”

By July 30, 2012September 6th, 2021One Comment

social media marketing for dentists

As a dental practice, answer these three questions BEFORE diving into social media marketing to determine if you’re ready.

Has your website provider or dental SEO consultant pitched that they’ve now “added” social media to their list of services? More and more naïve (best case) and/or unscrupulous (worst case) internet marketers are attempting to ride the social media wave right into your dental or orthodontic practice. Save yourself pain and headaches by answering a few simple questions first.

Question #1: Do you understand the difference between FAKE social media and REAL social media in a dental practice?

Look at the three images below. They’re a good representation of what many inexperienced, self-proclaimed social media “experts” are selling. It’s likely that the practice below (we’ve blurred the name) now believes it “has” social media marketing.

We’re not blaming the practice. This mentality comes from decades of traditional dental marketing where, for example, a practice could simply write a check for a yellow pages ad or a billboard and then forget about marketing. Social media marketing doesn’t work the same way. Look over the three images below to see what fake social media marketing looks like:

dental social media

marketing for dentists

dental marketing tips

Now, take a look at REAL social media engagement on one of our client practice’s Facebook wall.

Question #2: Are you willing to claim your “voice”?

If you’re serious about discovering the value of social media marketing you MUST understand what your social media voice is.

Please read our post, 3 Reasons Why We Don’t (and shouldn’t) Take Over Your Dental Practice’s Social Media Voice. After you read it, ask yourself if you’re ready to claim your voice. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll show you how. But, you must be willing to participate.

Question #3: Are you ready to become a giving, social business?

Sir Winston Churchill wisely said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Please read our post, Three Ways Dentists And Orthodontists Are Using Social Media To Build Their Practices. Pay particular attention to the 3rd strategy, Giving & Introspection.

Our experience working with hundreds of dental and orthodontic practices has absolutely shown us there are several common threads among the practices that are most effective in their social media marketing. One of those threads is a giving attitude and a willingness to be introspective.

Tools like Facebook and Twitter come and go. This isn’t about the tools. Thoughtful social media in a dental practice develops a mindset—an attitude about doing business and marketing that’s independent of tools. It’s an attitude that creates stories that spread.

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions above, YOU’RE READY for social media marketing in your practice.

We’d love to work with your practice to help you attract new patients, increase patient loyalty, and achieve greater growth and practice fulfillment through the effective use of social media marketing. And if you can’t yet answer “yes” to the three questions above, that’s OK too. But don’t wait too long. It’s the right time to keep your practice on the leading edge. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by.

Ready To Get Serious About Social Media Marketing In Your Practice?

Do you want to learn how to effectively use social media in your dental or orthodontic practice from people who specialize in social media—instead of from web development companies and SEO-centric consultants who seem to be jumping on the social media bandwagon? If so, call us or email us. It’s the right time to keep your practice on the leading edge and to take advantage of social media marketing. We look forward to visiting with you.

social media marketing for dentists

About the Author: Jack Hadley is one of the founding members of My Social Practice, a dental marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is passionate about helping dental practices grow by using dental marketing strategies. If you’d like to book Jack or one of the other members of My Social Practice’s speaking team, you can do that on our dental marketing consultant page. Interested in learning more about the benefits of SEO for dentists, and our incredible dental website offering? Learn More!

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