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5 Important Dental Office Social Media Ideas That’ll Get You Swinging

By October 20, 2012November 16th, 2021No Comments

dental office social media ideas

5 Important Dental Office Social Media Ideas That’ll Get You Swinging

IN DENTAL SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING there’s no substitute for your consistent, day-to-day efforts. Purposeful, small tactics driven by thoughtful strategies result in clear benefits that grow thriving practices. This formula is the basis for creating ROI with your dental social media post efforts.

However, in addition to the steady small stuff, your practice should be launching a big idea from time to time. That is, taking a “big swing”.

What are a few things that you feel are WAY out of your grasp? Is it doubling your Invisalign cases this quarter? How about doubling your Facebook page Likes? Is it raising $25,000 for a local charity you’re passionate about?

Doing The Groundwork Means Having Your Dental Social Media Platform In Place

When you do the small things over time, you build a framework… a system… a structure… a mindset and habits that support your big swings. If you wait to long to execute social media ideas for dentists, you’re already too late. Now is the time. Your fan base is growing (perhaps slowly, but that’s OK). You have a loyal tribe of patient advocates who are typically willing and able to help you. With dental social media marketing, your practice doesn’t have to be the only one holding a bullhorn.

With Your Stage Set, It’s Time To Take A Big Swing

Some of your swings will be strikes, some will be fouls, and some will be base hits. Once in a while you’ll hit a home run or a grand slam (as in the example below). Regardless of the outcome, big swings keep you focused on your goals and keep your team engaged and excited.

This Week, Dr. Banas And Team Took A Big Swing

One of our awesome clients, Dr. Banas in Ocean Springs, Mississippi takes social media posts for dental offices, to the next level. They did something amazing for a patient this week. As you look at the story below, IT’S IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that Dr. Banas and his team did NOT do this for publicity. They did it out of the goodness of their hearts. In fact, they were shocked at the publicity it created. All they did was post a photo to their Facebook wall that featured Austin as the hero. As Dr. Banas’ social media marketing partner, we’re the ones that saw and are pointing out the positive marketing fallout that has occurred. Here’s the story:

best dental social media posts

You can visit Ocean Springs Dental’s Facebook page here.


Now Pick One Of These 5 Dental Office Social Media Ideas And Start Swinging

Solicit Small And Local Donations That Have A Big Impact

In late 2016, a New York-based journalist offered her social media followers a suggestion: Call local schools and inquire about any unpaid cafeteria balances. Then donate to help those kids pay off their obligations.

For over a decade we’ve supported a national charity campaign called Smiles For Life. We are the marekting arm for the program. We provide custom made social media marketing campaigns that raise and donate dental related causes that matter most. Ultradent donates whitening materials to dentists who want to participate. Dentists donate their time. And the dollars spent by patients for whitening is donated to national and local charities.

If you’ve not been involved in charities or you don’t have one that you currently participate with, please consider Smile For Life.

Post About Community Resources

Dental office social media ideas may be an effective means to inform your patients and local neighborhoods about resources accessible to them that might otherwise go unnoticed. Great dental office social media ideas can be as simple as educating people in your community about oral health problems, their rights as rental tenants, publicizing local scholarships for college-bound kids, letting folks know about free health fairs or volunteer opportunities, or assisting disadvantaged groups locate support services, social media may be a useful tool in informing neighbors about resources available to them that could be under-publicized.

Connect With Local Neighborhoods Via Nextdoor

In the modern era, neighborhoods aren’t always tight-knit. Residents might not know their next-door neighbor, much less the family down the block. But dental office social media ideas and posts through Nextdoor can help connect people who live in the same area but otherwise wouldn’t have any opportunity to meet. Nextdoor is becoming one of the best ways to connect with your local community.

An online neighborhood group can help you find a sitter for your baby, your dog, or your house. It can be a great resource to run local targeted ads and specials. And it can help you put names to the faces you run into every day.

I’ve personally seen in my own Nextdoor account people asking for dental referrals and the posts gets tons of responses. You should create and/or claim your Nextdoor account ASAP.

Raise Awareness About Local Events And News

Even if everyone does not read the news every morning, most people check their social media accounts. Even in local news, hyper-local issues don’t get much attention, but that doesn’t mean patents and potential patients aren’t entitled to know what’s going on with their neighborhood school board or when the nearest library is having a talk that they might be interested in.

Social media sites, like a village’s bulletin board, may be used to share information. Whether it’s informing individuals about the challenges their community is facing or simply informing them about a new restaurant that wants to build a client base, dental office social media ideas can function as a means to learn more about your area in depth that you wouldn’t receive from other sources.

Inspire Good Deeds Within Your Community

There are several reasons why someone may choose to volunteer. Some people join up for community service tasks, such as constructing shelters or planting trees in their neighborhoods. Other people do so because they wish to contribute or make a difference in the world. Inspiring dental office social media ideas can be as simple as helping out at the food bank or educating an elementary school on oral health.

3 More Suggestions About Dental Office Social Media Ideas

1. If you’re one of our clients, you already have a remarkable platform, in place. make sure to login into your member site and check out all of the new posts each morning, it’s a great place to start.

2. ALWAYS be on the lookout in your community for opportunities to serve others. Stories like the one above are more common than you think—IF you’re paying attention with the right mindset! Remember, it doesn’t mean you must find someone who has had their teeth damaged. Everyone has teeth… And there are lots of people you can help who are financially struggling or who have had some kind of recent hardship. Any time you’re blessed with an opportunity to serve others you come closer to becoming a social practice marketing dental practice. Remember what Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

3. Organize your ideas for possible big swings. Then, have a special team meeting to throw your ideas out for discussion, feedback, and input. Be sure to share Dr. Banas’s story with them to be sure all of your team members understand the value of your dental social media marketing tools in supporting your big swings. Ask your team to come up with their own ideas, bring them to a follow-up meeting, and be prepared to share them. You may even want to consider a prize for the winning idea(s).

We Can Help With Fantastic Dental Office Social Media Ideas

Have you made a significant leap forward in terms of personnel, equipment, or other aspects of your dental or orthodontic practice? If that’s the case, what did you learn? Please share your tale below, or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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