1 Powerful Secret To Social Media Posts For Dental Offices

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social media posts for dental offices

Learn This 1 Powerful Secret To Social Media Posts For Dental Offices

ARE YOU USING your dental social media strategy to lift those around you? Do you show interest in other local businesses without any expectation of return? This is a foreign notion to traditional dental marketing strategies, but a fundamental concept in dental social media post strategies.

I went to BlogWorld in Las Vegas several years ago for the first time. Chris Brogan was just starting to gain a following as a social media intellectual leader, and he was set to give one of the keynote speeches.

One day during the event, I was walking down a long corridor in the convention centre when Chris approached me. When he went by, I exclaimed, “Hi there, Chris!”. I expected him to respond with a greeting of his own. Wrong again. He not only greeted me, but he also came to a complete halt and stopped to talk with me.

Chris spent almost ten minutes with me, one-on-one, asking me questions about what I was learning at BlogWorld, among other things. Here’s the thing… It came from his heart. I could tell. He went above and beyond to impress me. And since then, he has continued to be attentive, friendly, and approachable.

Recently Chris even offered to visit my Social Media Marketing class (via Skype) and answer questions from the MBA students I teach. It was a great experience. He’s a super busy guy—and an expense, hot, speaking ticket. But he took the time to “be kind to the up-and-comers in our world”.
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Treat every person and every local business, regardless of their online status, like your only fan—even if they’re not your fan yet! It’s good karma. Remember the old saying, “You can tell the character of a person by the way he or she treats the waitress.” Don’t forget that! It’s part of becoming a social practice.

Patients Expect a Lot of Social Interaction

All we have to do now is share the results of a 2017 study by Sprout Social on how consumers (and your patients) use social media, as reported in a 2018 article from The Next Web: “Just 28 percent of respondents were confident that they would be able to deal with negative feedback on social media. What’s more, only 10% said they had been trained on how to respond.” All this proof demonstrates why reacting to social media remarks is so essential.

According to a recent report, almost 60% of consumers believe that using social media has improved companies’ accountability. Almost half of the respondents said they had used social media to voice concerns.

Patients prefer social media as their second most preferred method of communication, whether it’s requesting a refund, seeking a discount, reporting an issue, or raising awareness about an issue. For millennials, social media is the most popular way to contact them.

More than 60 percent of consumers are likely to rethink their decision to schedule an appointment if they’ve see that your practice has a negative social media comment, 32 percent will share that negative experience on their social media accounts, and 17 percent will stop going altogether.

Knowing that consumers use social media as their main source of interaction with your practice, it’s more vital than ever to deliver a great experience.

Social media may help your practice grow by allowing you to interact with your community and potential patients.

Yes, the consumer has gained power over time through social media. This does not imply that any negative publicity you receive on social media posts for dental offices must remain visible and online. You can always delete comments, but more importantly you have the ability to transform something bad into something good.

When a consumer takes to social media to berate you, everyone is watching. How adeptly you handle a client complaint and how promptly you respond may transform a bad review into a good social media feed. These sorts of interactions might help you develop more devoted patients as well as attract new ones. You demonstrate that you care by not hiding away and taking control of the situation, which shows current and potential patients that you care.

Understand Why Comments Are So Important To Social Media Algorithms

Facebook Algorithm Signals: In 2018, Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook would give more importance to “meaningful engagement” in its news feed. What does this phrase mean with social media posts for dental offices? According to Facebook, a post that elicits discussion is one that qualifies as “meaningful interaction.”

Here are the top-scoring signals that the Facebook algorithm considers:

  1. Comments on live video: High interaction increases a Facebook news feed ranking. This is why the algorithm favors live videos, which create six times more engagement than standard videos.
  2. Comment replies: Facebook analyses how people react to comments. In the news feed, posts that receive a lot of responses are favored and pushed out to a wider audience.
  3. Reactions: Users on Facebook can respond to posts by giving “reactions,” which are cartoon-like emoticons that symbolize a variety of emotions, such as Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. Reactions improve the news feed ranking of your post somewhat.
  4. Shares: When it comes to content that is shared on Facebook, the algorithm prunes stories that get passed around and share. However, if a story gets passed around and discussed via messenger, it will be prioritized.

Instagram Algorithm Signals: The newsfeed of both Facebook and Instagram has changed. “The moments you care about” will now be prioritized, according to the platforms. The algorithm prefers social media posts for dental offices that are most likely to appeal to the user.

Here are some of the most important ranking signals Instagram’s algorithm considers:

  1. User relationship: How others perceive your content is influenced by how close you are to them. The algorithm, like Facebook, encourages users to engage with material.
  2. User’s past behavior: Has the user ever interacted with other accounts or postings? If so, their news feed is more likely to include your post.
  3. Post recency: The feed will be ordered according to the most recent postings. The older material will be pushed down the feed (unless there is a strong relationship signal).

How To Use Proactive Comments To Grow Your Practice (aka the $1.80 Strategy)

Proactive social media posts for dental offices are all about leveraging OPA (Other People’s Audiences) to grow your dental practice presence. A few things happen when someone posts a public comment.

  • You get a notification.
  • A number of people observe and react to this remark.
  • As a result of your post, you may get a boost in exposure.

There are several advantages for the commenter as well:

  • The original poster discovers who you are (duh), and it’s quite common for them to include a profile view or follow.
  • Others react to your post and give it more exposure, interaction, and followers.

The social media posts for dental offices up-shot is that you’ve been able to enhance the reputation of your practice, increase the popularity of your content, and promote other comments.

Strategic replies have long been used by forward thinking dental marketing managers. It’s an inexpensive way to grow an audience compared to paid advertising, which costs a fortune, and decreasing organic reach. You should also know that most people are not implementing this strategy, which is mind-boggling to us.

What is the $1.80 strategy? See This Article For More Information On The $1.80 Strategy

Gary Vaynerchuck coined the $1.80 approach, which is a technique for increasing your practice audience through comments and outreach. Simply said, the strategy entails posting a comment (or two cents) on 90 relevant social media accounts in your local area as a means of attracting high-quality followers.

Here’s how it works:

Find the best performing social media pages in your community  by looking for popular postings. Look for trending posts in medical and health. Determine the most significant and pertinent hashtags used by your audience.

Although follower count is important, remember that quality and relevant engagement are critical when choosing social media pages to target. This isn’t just an influencer relations game.

Read and scan the postings and contribute something of value by making a meaningful statement. Be honest – no one wants to read canned responses that are spammy or automated. If you’re doing it correctly, it should add value to the post, contribute to the discussion, or assist someone.

So, let’s get started.

Action Item, Engaging Social Media Posts For Dental Offices:

Because you’re a practice tied to a physical location, the best dental social media posts must have specific, localized strategies. For example, if you’re in Arizona, engaging with people in New Jersey may not be the best use of your time. It’s important to find and connect with people in your local area. Here’s a quick, easy way to start connecting with your community.

1. Go to your local Chamber of Commerce page. In the example below, I picked the first category (Accountants) and clicked on the first accounting firm (Biesinger & Kofford).

2. You can quickly determine if the business has any social media presence. In this case, the firm’s Facebook page was front and center, so I clicked on it.

3. Their most recent Facebook post featured a Forbes’ article about preparing for next year’s tax season. WHEN YOU GET TO THIS POINT, LEAVE A COMMENT! Be sure you’re commenting as your practice, NOT as an individual. Although Facebook doesn’t allow businesses to comment on individual’s pages, they do allow businesses to comment on other businesses’ pages.

In about 60 seconds, by showing interest, you’ve connected with people in your community. It’s like attending a local Kiwanis Club luncheon without the hassle or the mediocre Chicken Cordon Bleu.

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Helping Up-And-Comers Boosts Your Dental Social Media Marketing Efforts

Trust me… Having worked with thousands of dental and orthodontic practices we see it time and time again. The social media pots for dental offices, mindset and strategy described above, will change your heart, change your view of your career, change your practice culture, and grow your business. Do it and you’ll see.

Back in 1936 Dale Carnegie understood dental social media marketing. If you’ve heard me speak at a dental event you may recognize the slide below from one of my presentations:

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Guess What? We Just Happen To Help With Social Media Posts For Dental Offices


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