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Valuable Dental Social Media Ideas Are Anchored By Blogs

By February 18, 2013June 4th, 2022No Comments

dental social media ideas

Dental Social Media Ideas That Find New Patients Are Anchored By Blogs

I’LL STRESS IT AGAIN… TOOLS COME AND GO. Your practice’s dental social media marketing strategy shouldn’t be dependent on any one social media account or network over which you have no control.

Let’s be direct… Right now (November 2022) when it comes to dental social media post marketing, we’re talking about Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube. For some specialty practices LinkedIn is a solid play but for GP’s it’s not proven to be a great avenue to find new patients.

Why do I single out these social media platforms? Because, with a billions of accounts between these four and the average user spending nearly 145 minutes a day combined between all of them, it’s the easiest place for your practice to start building a social media following. It’s probable that around eight out of ten patients that walk through your front door each day are active on all or one of these accounts. They’re probably looking at their instagram account as they walk in your font door.

So, don’t get me wrong about what I’m going to say. Tools are important. We spend a lot of time helping our clients be more effective there. But the more importantly, is to build your OWN platform so that you can control it. Creating your own platform is done through blog subscriptions, driven by clever dental office social media ideas.

Your Blog Is An Essential Content Creation Tool

Blogging will help you grow your practice by increasing the number of people who discover you online. Every time you create a new blog post, you’re creating material that you can share on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, which can help attract new patients.

The mix of content you are sharing online should be photos, videos and also long form content. Having your blogs mixed in with your social media content will keep your social media presence alive and fresh.

One great benefit of blogging is instead of requiring your social media manager to constantly create new material for social media (or to produce it yourself), you can leverage your blog as a social media content generator. What I mean by this is that some of your social media content begins as a blog article.

A Blog Is A Lot Like A Mini Social Media Platform

One of the most overlooked risks of building a social media following on a platform like Facebook is that you don’t own the platform. At any time Facebook could go away, (that probably won’t happen), but more likely they’ll change the rules. Over the last several years we’ve seen Facebook post reach dwindle from upwards of a post reaching 50% or more of the followers of a practice down to less than 1%, unless you spend ad dollars. If this isn’t changing the rules, I don’t know what is.

But this does not mean that you shouldn’t use Facebook or spend the time building your audience and connecting with them through Facebook. But, as you do, just remember that you don’t own the platform. With a blog, you do.

This graphic represents how you should view your online social media accounts and other digital assets.

dental social media ideas

Dental Social Media Ideas Drive Awareness To Your Blog

For the most part, spokes like the ones shown above, what we like to call outposts, are not places to transact business—they’re places designed for conversations. Except for your website, which should be used to drive traffic to your blog through dental SEO. Outposts are great places to post dental social media ideas and  make friends. They’re places to show interest in others. They’re places where you earn trust and make connections.

As a dental practice owner a you want more scheduled an appointments. Unfortunately outposts are not a great place for a transaction. You want someone to come to your blog to transact. Blogs rank well for long tail keywords, which show up in organic search. Basically your blog articles will attract potential patients to your website, where the scheduling transaction happens.

Having your blog be the place where you attract traffic and increase followers is not a new concept. The more people that subscribe to your blog the more powerful your marketing opportunity becomes.  And remember, you control it. No one is ever going to take your patient email list away.

If you spend all of your time creating dental social media ideas for outposts and the outposts change the game, you’ll essentially have put all of your eggs in one basket, which is not a sound dental social media marketing strategy. Outposts are places where your strategy should be to point people back to your hub where your hope is that they’ll subscribe to, read, enjoy, learn from, and perhaps even share your content with their friends. At that point, they’ve opted into YOUR platform—a platform over which YOU have control. They’ve become a member of your tribe. You’ve earned permission to think about doing a little bit of marketing.

Can you see why your own platform is so important?

Action Items For Great Dental Social Media Ideas:

This is really straightforward. Make a solemn commitment in your practice to build your platform through this one goal…  Help every patient that walks through your door use their email address to subscribe to your blog.

You also need to consistently be writing, tap your team for help, or hire a dental marketing agency with a team of bloggers who understand dentistry. Writing is time intensive and requires quiet time. At first you may feel forced but overtime our dental clients have seen that they look forward to blogging.

I spoke with a dentist client the other day who told me that she saves dental social media ideas that can be turned into blogs in her mobile phone notes. This is a great idea, sometimes you’ll see something or have a spark of inspiration but forget because because working in a dental practice is intense and overwhelming at times.

Here is how to get going:

1. If you’re one of our dental website clients, you already have an awesome blog on your website with an integrated subscription functionality in place. If you’re not one of our clients take advantage of our $4,000 Website Design Credit for all new My Social Practice clients. We’ll build you a website with a blog and we can even start helping you write. If you want to use another company, great! We recommend that you find a dental website company that will build your website on WordPress. When it comes to your subscription model, we recommend MailChimp.

2. Role play with your team to be sure everyone knows how to talk to your patients about the benefits of providing their email address, and subscribing to your blog.

3. Use your platform for effective storytelling. Discover the dental social media marketing power that comes through your own platform by owning your voice and doing a little bit of writing. We can help you if you feel stuck.

Has your dental or orthodontic practice taken a big swing in the past year? If so, what did you learn? Please share your experience below, or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

Need Some Support? We Can Help With Blogging And Dental Social Media Ideas

Social media marketing strategy for dentists is important. Facebook and instagram may be the easiest places to start your dental social media ideas campaign, but it’s also wise not to rely on just these two social networks when developing an effective social media strategy.

It’s good to share content across all of your social accounts and not only focus on one or two channels. The more active you are in engaging with your followers and fans via different social media sites, the better chance that they’ll convert into paying patients at your dental office!

This post is part of a the series 26 Dental Social Media Post Truths.

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