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5 Dentists Talk About Dental Practice Marketing & Social Media

By July 20, 2013June 4th, 2022No Comments

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Dental Practice Marketing Is On Dentists’ Minds

We‘re so lucky to have the opportunity every day to interact so closely with dental practice teams and dentists. We speak with dozens each day—and consistently they’re thinking about dental practice marketing. Not just because they’re talking to us at that moment, but because it is such a huge component of their businesses. Here are some of their own thoughts about dental practice marketing:

social media for dentistsHammond & Ellis
“Social media allows us to connect with our patients quickly, cheaply and easily! If we have something that we need to announce to our patients FAST there is no other way! With a click of a few buttons we have a Facebook post or even a well put together blog post that can be emailed immediately.”

“At the end of the year last year we met together and assigned each team member to do a blog post on a topic of their choice. Dr. Hammond and Dr. Ellis switch off with blog posts and do one every other month and we also have assignments for Facebook posts. We made a plan and we follow it! It is also very important to have all team members talk to their patients about our social media. They need to be excited so they can pass that on to the patients.”

social media marketing for dentistryGentle Family Dentistry
“We were very surprised at how willing and enthusiastic our patients were to share their comments about our office. It helped our entire team realize the very positive difference we can make in our patients’ dental experience, and in our dental practice marketing!”

“Our Facebook page gives us an effective way to market our dental practice through our patients, who have always been our best marketing asset. We hope that as patients interact with our page, their friends and family will also become familiar with our office, and remember us should they need a dentist in the future.” (Dr. Chow recently retired and sold his practice to Dr. Allison Beehner)

Orthodontic social mediaPatterson Orthodontics
“I can tell that the patients who follow us on any of our social media efforts really feel a connection with us beyond their regular appointments. We have one patient’s mom who shared photos with us of a muddy team race she participated in over one weekend. Another future patient keeps asking us if braces hurt. And other patients will post photos or videos of themselves on our FB page to show their thanks in how their smiles have changed for the better. It always warms our hearts when they do those kinds of things.”

“Social media marketing has strengthened patient loyalty to our office. Many of our patients and parents who follow our social media outlets are our strongest patient referral sources.”

pediatric dentist social mediaHines Little Smiles

“The biggest ‘a-ha moment’ for us has been how many families feel like they ‘know us’ before they meet us. Families feel engaged in the practice activities and promotions before they walk through our front door for the first time.”

“Other practices tell us that they don’t have the time for social media. We’ve got so many parents who are extremely active on social media—we’d be missing a big opportunity if we didn’t take the time to learn how to use it effectively.”

We’re getting new patients from social media, but that’s not the best part. There are parents out there who are turning to social media to find a pediatric dentist, but there are a lot more parents looking at our Facebook page to find out what we’re “really like” before they bring their son/daughter in for their first visit. Whether they hear about us from a referring dentist or other advertising, we know almost everyone is “checking us out” on Facebook. We’ve worked to truly build an online community of our patients, parents, families and friends.”

Jun2012_Jason_ChampagneChampagne Family Dentistry

“I was surprised when I realized that social media was a great vehicle to amplify my existing patient loyalty and internal marketing.”

“We know that our patients really love the opportunity to communicate directly to our practice in a public forum.”



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