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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Drs. Pam & Roger Schmidt’s Dental Office

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Congratulations to Drs. Roger and Pamela Schmidt, our October Practice of the Month!

Drs. Roger and Pamela Schmidt have been taking care of smiles in Rockford, Illinois for the past 30 years. During that time they’ve built a community of patients and team members who truly value and trust each other.

Genuine caring for their patients (and the one-on-one relationships that creates) is what fuels their social media.

Their Social Signs Campaign Rocks

We’ve loved seeing them (and their patients!) embrace the social signs campaign. In fact, they’ve had so much fun with it that they’ve started making their own signs. Betsy, their social media point person, told us “Our patients love them! We’ve had patients call and ask if they can come in just to have their picture taken with a sign.”

Using Patient Pics To Highlight Relationships

Social signs photos give their practice a chance to quickly highlight patients and the relationships they have with them. This creates a very special community feel, as team members, patients, and friends of patients chime in about the photos.

Finding Ways To Give Back To The Community

Their caring attitude is also evident in their regular charity drives. From their sock drive last winter, to their Smiles For Life Campaign, to the book drive this summer, Dr. Pam and Dr. Roger’s office shows us that a social practice is a giving practice.

With each campaign, they allow their patients to get involved by making it fun with social media. In blog posts, newsletters, and Facebook updates, they share success stories, fun photos, and goals.


We Asked Betsy…

We asked Betsy what she believes is the hardest part of social media marketing in a dental practice. She told us: “Having enough time to keep up! And by keep up I’m talking mostly about Facebook. We don’t tweet because frankly there just isn’t time.”

Lesson Learned: You’re busy! We’re here to help you do the most with what little time you DO have.

We wanted to know, what’s the #1 benefit TO YOUR PRACTICE of your social media marketing efforts thus far? Betsy said, “We have gotten new patients from patients who have friends on Facebook. A friend will mention they need a new dentist and our patients refer them here. We have always had an excellent relationship with our patients, social media has made it easier to reach more of them.”

Lesson Learned: Social media seldom creates something out of nothing. However, it WILL absolutely strengthen the relationships you already have, and allow you to foster relationships into referrals.


When we asked Betsy what their team does in the office to move their social media efforts forward, she said, “We have a staff meeting once a month to discuss what we can do. Whether it’s an information board in our reception room, or a contest on facebook, or a charity event.”

Lesson Learned: The whole team should know about your social media plans, and always be involved in talking with patients about it, or moving campaigns forward.

We asked Betsy what she feels is the biggest benefit of social media TO THEIR PATIENTS. Betsy replied, “Well, we have had a sock drive, a food drive, and are currently having a book drive to benefit local charities and our patients who participate always have a chance to win a prize. Also, I think our patients benefit from the amount of information they can find on our sites and from the articles posted on Facebook.”

Lesson Learned: You probably have news all the time—charity campaigns, health info for your patients, and personal news. When you share it online, you’re creating value for your patients.

Congratulations to Drs. Pam and Roger Schmidt, along with their amazing team!

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