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Dental Marketing Case Study

Dental Marketing Case Study – Steady Growth Wins The Race At Stutsman Dentistry

By September 15, 2014June 4th, 2022No Comments

Congratulations to Stutsman Dentistry, Our September Practice of the Month!

dental marketing case study
Stutsman Dentistry in Goshen, Indiana treats patients with personalized care that has them leaving the office feeling like family. Drs. Chad and Danielle Stutsman are a “power couple”, working together to raise a family and operate a thriving dental practice with the help of their team.

Give Patients Chances To Connect

It’s true that slow and steady wins the race, but you might also see big jumps now and then. This might come from a promotion or campaign. Most often, and most effectively, it will come from personal posts—honest moments that show who YOU are as a practice.

Dr. Stutsman told us: “We see the most interaction when we use photos of ourselves or our patients in our posts. Those types of more personal posts get the patients involved in the conversation.


dental marketing

Consistency Wins The Day

One of the things that makes Stutsman Dentistry so successful on social media is that they understand that slow and steady growth—achieved through consistency—is the way to go. They post daily. Their Facebook page shows months and months of steady attention, not just two weeks of enthusiasm, then a long lull.

We see many practices who do very well on social media for a month or two, but then they peter out. You can boost social media interaction with contests and promotions, but real, organic results only come through consistent, honest efforts.

You know, kind of like personal dental hygiene.

Dr. Chad Stutsman, when asked what his advice would be to a practice newly starting out on social media, answered: “You just have to jump in with both feet. It is frustrating, at first, when you don’t have that many followers. If you stay active, the number of followers increases at a greater and greater rate. It is like a snowball effect. When we started with My Social Practice we only had 65 likes on our Facebook page. We now have 1127 and it grows every week!

We know that many people, when they start on social media, are drawn to the glamor and the instant-gratification of a “viral” post or video. But the truth is that virality burns out quickly, and doesn’t get the real, long-term benefits that we’re shooting for. An effective social media campaign is about trust… and trust takes time.

Boost Smart

We’ve discussed this before, and we’ll surely discuss it again. Boosting posts on Facebook is a great way to nudge forward your page’s growth. If you haven’t tried out this great new tool on Facebook yet, it’s probably time to start.

Consider it especially when you’re posting about a special in your practice, when you’re sharing a picture or topic that shows what your practice is all about, or something fun like the kickstart below that can start fun conversations. Check out the shares and the discussion on the post below.

A few more questions with Dr. Chad:

What has been the biggest surprise since you started using social media in your practice?

The number of our patients that are active on social media is very large. From young to old, the majority are on social media.

What’s the HARDEST part of social media marketing for you?

The toughest part of social media marketing is remembering to do it. With My Social Practice the ideas are already there. You just have to remember to post or get that camera out with the patients.

In your opinion, what is the #1 benefit TO YOUR PRACTICE of your social media marketing efforts thus far?

This has been the easiest way to keep Stutsman Dentistry on the minds of our patients. It also has the added benefit of reaching thousands of people who are not patients of ours.

What do you and your team do in the office to move forward your social media efforts?

We keep reminding our patients that they can find us on Facebook. We also do the occasional contest to drive patients to our Facebook page.

Congratulations to Stutsman Dentistry. Keep up the great work!

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