A Simple Tip For More Facebook Likes, Comments, And Shares

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More Facebook Likes, Comments, And Shares

Here’s a really simple way to get more Facebook Likes, comments, and shares on your posts. Start tagging your team members who appear in your uploaded photos and videos.

Show Team Members (and patients) How They Can Help!

Here at My Social Practice, our social media consultants have scores of opportunities every week to interact with our awesome practice clients online and on the phone. They will often ask our clients if they’re remembering to tag team members (and in some cases, patients) when they upload photos and videos to their social media accounts. We’re often surprised that this idea hasn’t occurred to them. Maybe it’s just too obvious! And, as I have opportunities to speak to practice groups, I’ll often ask the same question, with essentially the same response.

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3 Possible Reasons Why You’re Not Tagging, And Their Remedies

We’re guessing these are the three reasons why most practices are not tagging—and their remedies!

  1. You’ve just never thought to! Problem solved! You’re reading this post! If you have questions about how to do it, chat, email, or call our support team.
  2. You’ve tried, but it didn’t work! There is one super important thing to remember when you’re tagging individuals from your business page… That is, business pages can’t tag people directly! The only way you can do it is if the admin for your page is personal friends with the team member or patient. We realize this limits the number of patients you can tag, however, we’re hoping that every member of your team is an “official” Facebook personal friend with every other team member. If not, next time you have a team meeting, kindly ask if your team would do that! It’s easy and it won’t hurt. In every instance we know where a practice has asked, team members are happy to do it. And of course, if someone doesn’t want to or doesn’t have an account on that platform, no problem. Never pressure a team member into doing something they’re uncomfortable doing.
  3. Team members are uncomfortable asking patients. We understand. This takes a little bit of a mindset shift and a little training. Try role playing in your next team meeting. Practice until it feels natural and rolls off your tongues. Say something like, “You know, Fred, we’re always looking for great ways to share our practice’s culture with the community. Would you mind doing us a small favor? Could we take a photo together today and share on our social media accounts?” You’ll be surprised at how most patients will happily agree. They’re your biggest fans.

Take Your Social Media Marketing To New Heights

By the way… How is your practice doing with your social media marketing efforts? We’ve found that the two hardest things for a practice to do are to 1) generate awesome content that’s engaging, and 2) stay consistent.
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