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Congratulations to Contemporary Dentistry of Virginia -Centreville—Our July Social Practice of the Month!

Dr. Marco Flores and his practice have been social media all-stars this month! Between highlighting their in-office campaigns and posting fun and engaging content across all their social media platforms, they’ve really been able to brainstorm great ideas for engaging with their patients.

Post Regularly & Be Yourself!

Two of the key factors in a successful social media presence are frequency and authenticity. Dr. Flores and his team do a great job of posting regularly across all of their social platforms with content which they feel will genuinely interest their followers.
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Contemporary Dentistry of Virginia

Engaging Your Followers

Social media is a great place to, well, be social! The team at Contemporary Dentistry loves to interact with their patients on social media, whether it’s sharing patient-submitted photos or quickly responding to comments and questions. The more a practice engages with their patients, the stronger the connection becomes.

Dr. Flores tells us, “The majority of patients that come and see us comment on how we make their dental visits fun and—believe it or not—relaxing. I believe that the #1 benefit to our patients is that they are able to take away with them that relaxing and fun feeling by seeing it in our daily lives on social media instead of just seeing us every couple months. The importance of this has been proven by the amount of interaction they have had with us on all our social media sites.
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Dr. Flores and his team are always quick to reply to comments or questions.

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Social Media Is A Team Sport

The team at Contemporary Dentistry of Virginia takes real pride of their social media involvement. Dr. Flores has told us, “we have incorporated time in our schedule to make all our patients aware of our online presence. We are constantly brainstorming and trying to come up with new ideas, and even more important, we listen to what our patients have to say.

We have goals set up to make sure that staff members remain motivated to continue with our social media marketing efforts.

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Campaigns As A Source Of Inspiration

Our campaigns are a great way to give your patients a fun and engaging experience, both in the office and on social media! Dr. Flores and his team went all out with July’s campaign and constantly featured personalized posts of patients AND staff encouraging their followers to #FlossLikeABoss.


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Some Questions & Answers with Dr. Flores:

Since you started using social media in your practice, what has been the biggest surprise?

How fast you can see results! One of our first big surprises came with our first post with patients. The response was great! Within minutes we started seeing comments and likes from everywhere, which is something we didn’t anticipate. We even received comments and fans from people in Hawaii, Bolivia and Saipan.

Among the things you’ve tried, and the various social media tools you may have used recently, what have you seen the most success with?

We have had the most success with Facebook. Patients love seeing pictures of our staff and being able to see what is going on in the office. We recently have started to boost our posts and it has made a huge difference! We are now able to reach a much bigger and broader audience.

What advice would you give to a practice just starting out on social media?

Be constant and be patient. Get help if you are new. Social media takes dedication and time, but it’s one of the best tools you can have to promote your practice.

Among the things My Social Practice provides, what item(s) or service(s) have been the most help to you?

The constant support we receive from My Social Practice is invaluable! The campaigns and posts are great, but most of all their customer service is outstanding. Kate and Baylee are extremely helpful and efficient.

Congratulations again to Contemporary Dentistry of Virginia -Centreville for a great job in July!

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