Effective Practice Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Start Online

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Practice Social Media Marketing Starts INSIDE Your Practice

You probably think that effective social media marketing starts online. After all, social media takes place on the web, right? Ultimately, yes. But initially, effective practice social media doesn’t START online. It starts inside your practice!

What’s One Of The Biggest Contributors To Your Practice Social Media Marketing Success?

There are a lot of contributing factors to a practice’s social media marketing success, but none is more important than getting your patients involved—and initially, that doesn’t happen online. It happens face to face, then spreads online. Here’s a highly successful campaign that many of our client practices are using to help get their patients (and team members) involved. Your practice can do it too.

Our Floss Like A Boss, In-Practice Campaign

Practices are using our Floss Like a Boss campaign to extend a 30-day flossing challenge to their patients. By making things fun, both patients and team members enjoy participating!

> Order Your Floss Like A Boss Campaign-in-a-Box

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Here at My Social Practice, over the years we’ve really learned a lot about the six kinds of social media content that have the greatest viral potential for Likes, comments, and shares—not just on Facebook, but on blogs and other social media platforms.

These six types of content increase top-of-mind awareness for your practice. This extremely affordable Floss Like A Boss campaign helps you do that. The box we ship you includes a t-shirt, buttons, raffle cards, posters, table tents, boss glasses, in-practice displays, social signs, and complete instructions. We keep the cost extremely low just to cover our hard costs in order to give your practice the opportunity to see how much these kinds of in-practice tools help you with your social media marketing.

> Order Your Floss Like A Boss Campaign-in-a-Box

Ready To Get Serious About Effective Practice Social Media Marketing?

Regardless of where you are currently in your practice social media marketing efforts, My Social Practice can help. Our effective support includes:

  • Helping you get more Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews
  • Saving you time posting daily to your social media accounts
  • Providing you with great ideas that people share with their trusted social media networks
  • Overcoming your fears about blogging, and making it easy
  • Shipping you in-practice materials you can start using today

If you are already one of our valued clients, thanks. We appreciate you. If you’re not, what are you waiting for?! Contact us now for a quick demo showing you how we help you build your practice using social media and reviews.


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