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Congratulations to our October Social Dental Practice of the Month—Slave Lake Dental!

dental marketing case study

The whole team at Slave Lake Dental is on board with building their social media presence and connecting with patients, and in just a short time they have started to see real results! We would especially like to highlight their outstanding Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, which raised money for a friend battling breast cancer.

Seeing how much this team has learned about effective social media marketing in just a few months is exciting! By applying our simple strategies, they have kickstarted their patient engagement, leading to referrals and new patients!

We Asked Marketing Director Chantelle Trudel About Their Social Media Growth

(Responses edited for length)

What has been the biggest “a-ha moment” of your social media efforts?

For a long time we have been using social media in our practice, but we weren’t quite giving our followers share-worthy content… Now we have learned that [our followers] LOVE “behind-the-scenes.” They love to learn about each and every one of our team members [and] see the office in places they don’t get to go as patients.They love to participate in social media contests. These have really helped our social media accounts grow!

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What social media tools have you seen the most success with?

I find I have the most success with social media posts that are personal, show caring, warmth and personality. I used to custom-create all of our social media graphics and it took quite a bit of time each day that was wasted. I love using My Social Practice’s Dashboard to schedule our posts. What used to take 30-40 minutes each day can now be done in two minutes!

What’s the hardest part of social media marketing for you?

One of the hardest parts of social media marketing is learning that you cannot be afraid to be silly. We have learned a balance [between entertaining and professional posts] allows us to have fun and also show our patients that we are a great team. We host contests, make videos, and have fun campaigns. The fun and silly posts, like our Ice Bucket Challenge and Pink Tutu Campaign are by far our best content with the most Likes, views and shares!

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What is the biggest benefit of social media marketing to your practice?

It shows our patients that our team cares, loves to give back to the community, and that we really are a great bunch of people! The No. 1 benefit to our practice is [obtaining] new patients! Nothing is better than having potential patients Like the page for a contest or a funny post and then to see them message you for an appointment.

What feedback have patients given you in the office about your social media?

We have patients who come to our office just to participate in our social media activities. For example, we had two patients come down to our office for the sole purpose of donating to our Breast Cancer Awareness fundraiser and take a photo with our team members! We have calls from patients who see social media posts and want to take advantage of the services listed.

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For practices just starting with social media marketing, Trudel said that the keys are consistent posting and just having fun! She also mentioned that it was surprising how many patients love being asked to take a Social Sign photo with the team.

We love it when practices realize how much effective social media enhances their relationships with their community. By striking a balance between personal, fun, and professional content, Slave Lake Dental has made social media a powerful addition to their marketing efforts. We look forward to seeing what they do next!

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