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Effective Dentists Social Media Requires Your Voice

By February 14, 2019November 16th, 2021No Comments

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Effective Dentists Social Media Requires An Authentic Practice Voice

OFTEN, WHEN A NEW CLIENT PRACTICE JOINS US, they ask us the question, “Do you guys take care of posting to our Facebook wall, and do you tweet for us on Twitter?”  The answer is yes and no. To truly understand and appreciate how we handle the management of social media for dentists, here’s a little analogy…

Reason #1:  Only YOUR Voice Can Effectively Tell YOUR Story

In Chris Brogan’s recent post (visual below) he said, “There are so many situations where you don’t get a voice… Why would you give away your few chances to actually be heard and on your own terms and in your own words? ”

When Facebook and Instagram posts come from your practice it sends a powerful message about your practice and your brand. It says that in addition to using dentists social media to put “derrières in chairs”, you really embrace the concept of using dental office social media and BEING a social business—that these personal connections serve higher purposes.

Your Practice Is The “Lead Singer”

Gone are the days when your hob-nob ad agency could print a fancy brochure about your dental practice and people would believe it. Social media content for dentists is about storytelling, reinforced through photos and video, that show what you’re doing in your local community matters. No ad agency or dental marketing company can adequately capture that for you, without some participation from you and your dental team.

And while we don’t mean to oversell this benefit, we’ve seen these outward manifestations of in-practice cultures not only strengthen patient relationships and increase business, but also positively impact team dynamics as well.

An Outside Resource Can Be Your “Backup Singer” & “Band Members”

Great rock-and-roll vocalists usually have an awesome backup singer and supportive musicians behind them. They never upstage the primary vocalist, but sometimes it’s appropriate for the backup singer to join in, provide a riff, or even sing occasionally on his or her own.

This is how a dental marketing company should participate in your dentists social media marketing campaigns. They should support your efforts, NOT take over.

Reason #2:  Blog Posting Can Be The Rare Exception

Part of our dental social media service includes posting to our clients’ blogs during the month. This is part of our service where we can jump in and help out a bit more. However, we encourage our clients to learn how to blog themselves too (if they choose). After all, it’s THEIR blog, not ours. Those dental practices that we train how to blog dfind that it’s extremely simple and find they really enjoy it once they get into it.

One of the biggest reasons that dental offices don’t blog themselves is because it simply takes too much time. But with out prepped articles, we’re able to cut down the time that it takes to blog.

However, most of our valued client practices have trouble finding the time and in-practice resources for blog writing. That’s why we provide interesting, fun-to-read blog posts that help practices begin engaging with both patients and prospects as they start down the road to becoming a social practice.

We’ve found that blogging is misunderstood by many practices. For years it’s been a dental SEO tactic to help your website rank higher in search engines. But it should be used for more than just SEO.

A blog post can also be used as social media content as well as email marketing content.

Think about it this way. Rather than designing an email and sending it out to your patient database, start with a blog post on your dental website blog. Once you’ve posting that blog to your website, post an image about the blog to your social media accounts and make sure to link to the blog. The next step would be to load up the blog into an email.

In this fashion you only have to create one piece of content, a blog article. That piece of content becomes the base for all your dentists social media content.

Reason #3:  Your Practice Can Create A VERY Effective Mix With YOUR Lead Vocals And A Little Backup Vocal Assistance

An outside resource can help create and publish great blog posts that are also published to your Facebook wall. However, dentistry-related posts only help accomplish a portion of a practice’s dentists social media objectives. And when it comes to other social media accounts like, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn a competent outside resource can be your dentists social media coach, but they shouldn’t be creating the content for you. Remember, people are people first—patients and prospects second. Treat them like you care and they’ll feel it.

“Types” of Facebook and Instagram Wall Posts Can Include:

  • An Expression of Thanks
  • An In-House Service Special
  • Blog Posts
  • Explanation of Dental Technologies
  • Patient Appreciation Party
  • Questions with Links & Small Gifts
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Promotions & New Patient Offers
  • Fun Wall Photos
  • Comments with Local Interest
  • Pop Culture Comments & Questions

Take a look at the two great examples below of effective ways to use a dentists social media to post to Facebook:

dentists social media

dental office social media

And That’s Why An Outsider Shouldn’t Take Over Your Dentists Social Media Voice

The idea here is “good, better, best”. In many ways, because of our integrated approach to a practice’s social media marketing tools, blog posts for our clients are more like appetizers and the main course is the day-to-day, personal, dynamic communications they put out on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

Chris Brogan refers to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as “outposts”. FIRST, you should be spending your precious time creating content for those outposts. Secondarily you can also write blog posts. A competent outside resource can write an easy-to-read, engaging blog post about “A Confident Smile” (for example), but only YOU can create specific content about the things happening in your practice—the insights into your practice culture.

YOU’RE the ones interacting with your patients each day. YOU know them. YOU love them. An outside resource or dental marketing company doesn’t have that advantage.

Additional Benefits of Effective Dentists Social Media Marketing

One important and often not thought of benefit of dental social media is the improvement to dental SEO. I mentioned it briefly above when I spoke about blogging for SEO. SEO for dentists is positively effected by dental social media signals. The more interaction that you get with your patients on social media posts the more improvement in your dental SEO.

Ready To Grow Your Practice Through Dentists Social Media?

Do you want to learn how to effectively use social media in your dental or orthodontic practice from people who specialize in social media—instead of from web development companies and SEO-centric consultants who seem to be jumping on the social media bandwagon? If so, call us or email us. It’s the right time to keep your practice on the leading edge and to take advantage of social media marketing. We look forward to visiting with you.


About the Author: Adrian Lefler is a dental marketing expert and a key member of the dental social media team at My Social Practice. My Social Practice is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Adrian is passionate about helping dental practices grow. Interested in learning more about the benefits of social media for dentists please schedule a complimentary consultation. And, don’t forget to read our Google My Business reviews.